Gianmaria Puledda AKA “Jommy” Joins Spread Eagle on Lead Guitar For Upcoming Run of Shows

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By Andrew Daly

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Award-winning guitarist Gianmaria Puledda aka “Jommy” has officially joined NYC street metal warriors, Spread Eagle, for their upcoming summer tour.

Back in March of 2022, the band released an official statement regarding its current six-string dynamo, Ziv Shalev:

“Our Guitarist Ziv is juggling multiple gigs and family. He’s unavailable for our July 29 show in Philly. We need a versatile understudy. He/she must be able to rehearse multiple days in the NYC area, prior to shows. Tone, groove, technique, and image are important. Backing vocals are a plus, but not mandatory. The guitar solos of our popular songs must be executed on the same level as the recordings.”

In the ensuing weeks, Spread Eagle’s bassist, and founding member, Rob DeLuca, made several posts regarding the progress of the auditions, and very recently, it was reported that the auditions had been narrowed down to two finalists, with Jommy the apparent winner of the spot.

In the end, it was reported that the band (including guitarist Ziv Shalev) chose Jommy due to his superior technique, tone, groove, and image, all of which will serve the groove-heavy NYC warriors during their upcoming run of tri-state area shows.

For fans wondering if Jommy will be officially replacing longtime guitarist Ziv Shalev on a permanent basis, Spread Eagle’s bassist Rob DeLuca has this to say to VWMusic on 6/14/2022:

“Spread Eagle is excited to officially welcome our new guitar understudy Jommy Puledda. Jommy will be doing our upcoming live shows while Spread Eagle guitarist Ziv Shalev fulfills prior commitments. Jommy is the total package, and we’re gonna absolutely kill these shows.”

In regards to Puledda’s past work, fans will be treated to an artist who has taken part in many major tours opening for the likes of Vision Divine, Saurom, and headlining many other shows. As a veteran of the European scene, Jommy is a six-stringer who finds himself in high demand, having collaborated and toured with renowned heavy metal acts Screaming Shadows, among others.

With Puledda on board, the guitarist rounds out a lineup featuring original members Ray West (vocals), Rob DeLuca (bass), and longtime drummer, Rik DeLuca. Be sure to catch Spread Eagle during their upcoming string of summer 2022 dates.

Image courtesy of Spread Eagle Facebook (official)

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