An Interview with Ginger Pooley of The Smashing Pumpkins

Continuing the trend I’ve got going on lately of featuring badass women who rock, this time around we’ve got Ginger Pooley “with us” today. Ginger is a veteran Alt and Punk Rocker, who can play bass and groove with the absolute best of them.

An Interview with Missi Callazzo of Megaforce Records

Today we have an interview with Missi Callazzo on tap, which is truly very cool. Missi is a veteran of the industry, with over 30 years of experience under her belt. Missi has been the VP of Megaforce Records since the late 80’s.

An Interview with Derrick Bostrom of the Meat Puppets

The Meat Puppets’ unique blend of Punk, Psych, Alternative, and Country was often overlooked by the mainstream, but for their fans- it’s everything. The brothers, Chris and Curt Kirkwood along with Derrick Bostrom (who I’ve got “in the house” today) released some of the truly memorable albums of the 80s and 90s.

An Interview with Jeff Rosenstock

Jeff has an uncanny ability to tap into what makes himself tick, and in doing so, he becomes instantly relatable, because isn’t nice to know that we all feel kinda fucked up sometimes? Doesn’t mean we actually are fucked up, it’s just that we’re human and part of that condition is a full range of emotions ranging from overjoyed elation all the way to bottom of the pit self-doubt and everything in between.

An Interview with Chris Ballew of The Presidents of the United States of America

Many of you may remember a really cool Alternative Rock band called The Presidents of the United States of America. If the name doesn’t jog your memory, then perhaps their hit songs “Lump” and “Peaches” will. The band’s debut album is the stuff of 90s Alt legend and the rest of their catalog isn’t far off either.

An Interview with Nili Brosh

Recently, I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing some women who seriously rock, and today will be no different. As I’ve grown older and spent more time within both the vinyl and music communities, it’s become apparent to me that women aren’t always given the room to stretch out and get comfortable in the same way that men are.

An Interview with Brad Brooks

What can I say about Brad Brooks? For starters, the man is a badass. Faced with a throat cancer diagnosis (scary for anyone, but especially devastating for a singer), he stared the disease directly in the face a handled it head-on.

An Interview with Jay Jay French of Twisted Sister

John French, known as Jay Jay to most of his fans, is a man of many talents. Throughout his long career in music, he’s been a Rock star, as both the lead guitarist and founding member of Twisted Sister. He’s been a band manager, record producer, keynote speaker, and more. Beyond his amazing work with Twisted Sister, he’s accomplished and overcome more to date than many do in a lifetime, and that is something to be admired and commended.

An Interview with Heath Gmucs of Wax Mage Records

Wax Mage is his passion project, and it shows as over the last several years Heath has pressed some of the most beautiful creations ever laid to wax. Heath’s story is one of hard work, determination, and true artistry.

An Interview with Gretchen Peters

The canon of singer-songwriters is vast and diverse. As is the case with any genre and niche, there are always underrated artists. The ones who may not always get the mainstream recognition, but drive things forward just the same. Gretchen Peters is one of those artists.

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