Rock Steady: East Coast Rockers Heavens Edge Primed for Revival

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By Andrew DiCecco

In the middle of Heavens Edge’s spirited hour-long set at last weekend’s M3 Rock Festival, frontman Mark Evans made a newsworthy announcement as he gathered himself before a captivated crowd.

According to Evans, who co-founded the band with guitarist Reggie Wu in 1987, there will be a new Heavens Edge record coming out later this year via Frontiers Music Srl.

Vinyl Writer Music spoke with Wu earlier this year, who provided insight into one of the tracks on the new record:

“We have a song coming out on the new record called, ‘What Could Have Been,’” Wu said. “Everybody thinks the words are about what could have been … like, “What could have been if we became stars,” but it’s actually backward; Had we become stars, we would not have the family that we all have now. I wouldn’t have all my kids, and Mark wouldn’t have all his kids. So, it’s like backward. Had we got to the stardom that we wanted, we wouldn’t have what we have now — which is the most important thing in our lives right now, our family. So, I loved that concept. Everything’s for a reason.”

Along with Evans and Wu, the album will include mainstays Steve Parry (guitar) and Dave Rath (drums). Taking the place of their beloved bandmate and fallen brother George “G.G.” Guidotti will be current Tantric bassist Jaron Gulino, who joined the lionized Philadelphia rock act in 2020.

The brainchild of Evans and Wu, Heavens Edge saw its rousing – and mysteriously underexposed – self-titled debut album catapult the band to prominence in 1990, following their rise from a burgeoning Philadelphia/South Jersey club circuit.

Icons of the east coast rock scene and Philadelphia heroes, Heavens Edge’s highly anticipated forthcoming album will be their first since Some Other Place, Some Other Time (1998).

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