An Interview with Paul Collins of The Nerves & The Beat

Several artists have had a substantial effect on music, yet many of us wouldn’t realize it. Unfortunately, superb musical content doesn’t always lead to commercial success and recognition from the general public. One such artist is Paul Collins.

An Interview with John “Eddie’ Edwards of The Vibrators

When the Punk explosion happened in the late 70s, a million bands came out of the woodwork. Only some of those bands created a legitimate impact on the scene. Out of those bands, only some created genre-defining albums that helped set the pace for the era.

An Interview with Neville Staple of The Specials

One piece of this magical amalgam of Ska and punky New Wave goodness was singer Neville Staple. Neville has been keeping the spirit and nature of Ska, Rocksteady, and 2 Tone alive through his dynamite solo career.

An Interview with Mick Box of Uriah Heep

What bands do you think of when the discussion of the British Hard Rock invasion of the 70s comes up? Zeppelin? Sabbath? Deep Purple? What you probably don’t hear enough of is Uriah Heep.

An Interview with Dan Pugach

We often forget how many hats people wear in the music industry. Dan Pugach is one such person. He is a composer, drummer, bandleader, arranger, his own tour manager, etc.

An Interview with Jarvis Leatherby of Night Demon

It seems many Metal fans today point back to music made in the 80s and 90s as the end-all, be-all of the genre. They will say the same overdramatic, cliché thing that many have said about other genres, “Metal is dead.”

An Interview with Jimmy Macbride

It’s currently a very exciting time in Jazz. There are a plethora of talented and unique musicians. Jimmy Macbride is no exception. He is one of the most versatile and hard-working drummers out there.

An Interview with Corky Laing of Mountain

Mountain is one of the most underappreciated Hard Rock bands of all time. The most overlooked member of this underappreciated group is Corky Laing. Corky turned his time with Mountain into a music career spanning five decades. In that time, he has been in other influential hard rock bands (Bruce, West & Laing), cult Indie bands (Cork), making thematic music, and being a music executive. Corky is a hard-working and dynamic person who has truly done it all.

An Interview Pekka Lavia AKA Ursula’s Cartridges

A handful of years ago, I fully immersed myself into the Vaporwave scene. One of the first Vaporwave records I ever bought was Escape to New York by Ursula’s Cartridges. Since then, Ursula’s Cartridges has become a staple of my Vaporwave listening sessions.

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