An Interview with Eric Slick of Dr. Dog

Many of you may know Eric Slick as the long-time drummer for Indie Rock band Dr. Dog. Others may know Eric for his outstanding 2020 solo effort, Wiseacre.

An Interview with Kee Marcello of Europe & Easy Action

In a decade known for its guitarists, Kee Marcello was truly a standout from the bunch. Beginning with Easy Action, soring to fame with Europe and beyond with his solo work, most recently with Our Of This World, Kee has established a firm legacy as one of the better lead players within the genre of Heavy Metal and Glam.

An Interview with Dave Cousins of Strawbs

I’ve got the long-time leader of classic band Strawbs with us for a chat today. Strawbs has a new record out, which is called Settlement. Also, on our docket for the day, we talk about Dave’s time during multiple lockdowns, the recording of Strawb’s new record.

An Interview with Esmée van Sinderen of Cobra Spell

Today I have young guitar wizard, Esmée van Sinderen, for a chat. We dig into what initially led her to the guitar, her ongoing evolution as a guitarist, her thoughts and feelings on social media, some of her favorite records, and more.

An Interview with Liona Boyd

I’ve interviewed a great many guitar players; I’ve made sure to cover women who play on the Rock and Metal side of things, but never on the acoustic or Classical end of the spectrum. Today that will change.

An Interview with Randy Pratt of Cactus

Having been mostly responsible for the initial reunion of legendary Hard Rock band Cactus, it’s only fitting that he would eventually join the band as their bassist, harpist, and occasional harmonica player as well.

A Guide to KISS Bootlegs: The Love Gun Tour 1977

Welcome to the seventh article of the A Guide to KISS Bootlegs series! This article will be focusing on the tour KISS did in support of the album Love Gun. Enough of the chit-chat, let’s dig right in! Or as Paul Stanley would say, “No place for hiding baby, no place to run, you pull the trigger of my LOVE GUN!”

An Interview with Carmine Appice of Cactus, Vanilla Fudge & King Kobra

Carmine Appice is one of the greatest drummers ever to pick up a pair of sticks. His hard-hitting, powerful style, coupled with his incredible showmanship, has led him down a path that has seen him become a member of multiple legendary Rock bands.

An Interview with Michael Sweet of Stryper

Michael Sweet has been keeping upbeat and productive during the pandemic, which is more than many can say. With a new released called Ten, and additional new music on the way, Michael had a lot to chat about.

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