An Interview with Bruce Bouillet of Racer X

While most remember the vivid technicolor burst of explosive light that was Racer X for its legendary lead guitarist, Paul Gilbert, some may also remember his equally effervescent partner in six-string crime, Bruce Bouillet.

KISS Studio Albums Ranked Part Three: The 90s & 2000s

At the dawn of a new decade, KISS, like many bands, once again found themselves at a crossroads. The 80s had proved tumultuous on many levels, with the band surviving sonic challenges, lineup changes, and commercial adversity from all angles.

An Interview with dUg Pinnick of King’s X

Never to be defined, relegated, or told what to do, the non-compliant nature of dUg Pinnick, Ty Tabor, and Jerry Gaskill might not have elevated them to the top of the charts, but what it did do was ingrain the trio deeply within its devoted fanbases hearts.

Alter Bridge Releases New Single “Silver Tongue” Ahead of New Album

A new album is to be released on the 14th of October, and Alter Bridge has just shared an amazing new single that will have your ears begging for more.

An Interview with Mark Cline, Mike Richmond & Armistead Wellford of Love Tractor

Sometimes, the music we love is subject to immense exposure, and other times, it’s a bit more under the radar. Regardless, exposure does not equal quality, nor influence. And when it comes to Athens indie rock staples, Love Tractor, if one thing is certain, they’ve got the latter two in spades.

An Interview with Marco Mendoza of Iconic and formerly of The Dead Daisies

Over the course of an over thirty-years-song career, bassist Marco Mendoza has worked with a proverbial who’s who of name-brand musicians, making any project the bringer of four-stringed thunder becomes involved in an immediate must-listen.

An Interview with Kane Roberts of The Alice Cooper Band

If the 1980s guitar scene was about big-haired, waif-framed guitarists, ax-slinger Kane Roberts never did get that memo.

An Interview with Michael Monroe

For Monroe, a career in music has been a mixed bag, alternating between immeasurable highs, and crux of the earth lows. But with I Live Too Fast to Die Young, Monroe seems to have found the middle ground, call it an invitation to combat.

An Interview with Jennifer Batten

Coming up in the late 80s shred era, virtuoso Jennifer Batten knew that she needed to stand out in order to avoid being discounted in a bustling scene.

An Interview with Nili Brosh

But in 2022, we find ourselves in a new age. A new age that is no longer defined by headlines, and ideas generated by the past. In the here and now, there are dozens upon dozens of fierce female guitar virtuosos, and one of the slickest is Israeli-born, Nili Brosh.

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