An Interview with Sebastian Robertson

Recently, I caught up with veteran multi-instrumentalist, Sebastian Robertson. Among other things, we touch on Sebastian’s origins, early influences, his father’s influence, and a whole lot more.

Gianmaria Puledda AKA “Jommy” Joins Spread Eagle on Lead Guitar For Upcoming Run of Shows

Award-winning guitarist Gianmaria Puledda aka “Jommy” has officially joined NYC street metal warriors, Spread Eagle, for their upcoming summer tour.

Jaime St. James of Black N’ Blue Discusses The Lost Tapes

Regardless of if you’re a fan of Black N’ Blue or not, The Lost Tapes represent a snapshot in time. Moreso, they represent the end of an era, and the beginning, or depending on how you look at it, the dissolution of another.

KISS Studio Albums Ranked Part Two: The 80s

The 80s would be an interesting time for KISS, a decade defined by lineup instability, the near-death of the band, the removal of their trademark makeup, and a return to gold and platinum level success. Yes, in rock’s glitziest decade, once gain, KISS found themselves in a familiar, yet frustrating position as a band who needed to prove their worth to both critics and fans alike.

An Interview with Vinny Appice of Black Sabbath & Dio

Aptly known as one of the heaviest, hardest-hitting, and menacingly furious drummers in heavy metal history, Vinny Appice’s speed-laden, molten lava stickwork has served as the bedrock for some of the most transcendent albums in rock history.

An Interview with Tony Stevens of Savoy Brown & Foghat

I was recently joined by veteran four-stringer Tony Stevens for a chat where, among other things, we touch on the formation of two of blues-rock’s most seminal acts in Savoy Brown and Foghat, the lifecycle of Midnight Flyer, Foghat’s 90s and early 2000s reunion, what’s next for Slow Ride, and a whole lot more.

An Interview with Janis Tanaka of Pagan Babies, P!NK & Femme Fatale

Recently, we caught up with veteran bassist, Janis Tanaka of Pagan Babies, P!NK, L7, Femme Fatale, and more. Among other things, we touch on how Janis is kicking off 2022, her early years, her long and varied career in music, what’s next, and a whole lot more.

An Interview with Richie Ranno of Starz

Stood alongside chiptoothed, yet effervescent frontman Michael Lee Smith, Ranno provided a maestro-level foil to Smith’s up-front machismo, and non-stop musical necromancy. The synergism was palatable, and in 1976 Starz recorded its self-titled debut record, a watershed album that would influence droves of hard rock and heavy metal bands for decades to come thereafter.

An Interview with Greg Langston of Sea Hags

Recently, I caught up with veteran drummer Greg Langston. Among other things, we touch on Greg’s origins as a drummer, his early years with Tuxedomoon, the formation of Sea Hags, and his many stops in between.

An Interview with Mach Bell of Thundertain & The Joe Perry Project

Best known as the frontman for the late-stage era of the Joe Perry Project, “Cowboy” Mach Bell’s lineage runs far deeper than the average armchair rock devotee could ever imagine.

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