Josh Remi’s “C8” is a Stirring Homage to Corvette Car Culture

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By Andrew Daly

It’s that time of year again—the no-man’s land between Christmas and New Year’s. Work is slow. There’s not much going on. And you’re probably looking for something to do, or more specifically – something to listen to. Am I in the ballpark?

If so, why not give Josh Remi’s latest sing, “C8,” a try? Considering we’ve got our 2023 Apple Music and Spotify playlists to fill and time to burn, what have you got to lose?

By now, you’re probably wondering about the music, and in this instance, Remi has hit the proverbial nail on the head. Driving home a love of Chevrolet Corvettes via moving lyrics and soulful delivery, Remi has crafted a unique cut for fans to overindulge. But this track isn’t just infectious; it’s an anthem for car culture during an era where a boost via music is oh-so-welcome.

All images courtesy of AMWorld Group

Few artists can ignore listeners’ soul’s alight in the same way Remi manages to with “C8.” But the singer’s real parlor trick is his ability to connect with music fans and auto enthusiasts. Hypnotic in nature and undefinable by default, the music of Josh Remi saunter along, boldly roping listeners in with its whimsical melodies and indulgent textures.

What drives this one home, though, is its hip nature and pure homage to the aesthetics that have made the Chevy Corvette America’s go-to sports car for over 50 years. In short, “C8” exemplifies what makes the car great through Remi’s music. And through his music – and passion for Corvettes – fans will now understand what makes Remi great, too.

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