10 Rock ‘N’ Roll Movies Worth A Second Look

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Picking the best movies is one of the hardest things because everyone’s best depends on a specific aspect of the movie, and that’s also the case with movies about rock ‘n’ roll. The process of production, cast, and the producers play an important role in what the final product of the act becomes. However, with rock, you must know What is the movie about a rock band and be a fan to rank them. The story isn’t as crucial as who tells it. Here are the top ten movies about rock. 

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10) Hedwig and the Angry Inch 

You can write several essays describing Hedwig and the Angry Inch about gender perceptions but what makes it stand out are the well-choreographed songs. When John Cameron wrote this cult musical-comedy script, it was clear in his mind that the choice of songs would make or break this movie. The production was characterized by songs depicting The New York City of the ’70s era.

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9) Tommy

When Pete Townshend wrote this timeless script, he never included the iconic act of Ann-Marret rolling around violently with chocolate and a glass of champagne. However, the celebrated director Ken Rusell had a different and bizarre vision from Pees,’ and it turned out great. You can stream this movie online using VeePN to enjoy all the unfiltered action. Whatever device you use to watch rock movies on Netflix, it is important to use a VPN to avoid restrictions and for smooth streaming. Roger Daltrey played the main actor role in portraying Tommy. What made it great was the well-scripted plot and the actors whose roles looked naturally aligned with the story.

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8) School of Rock

It stars Jack Black, who plays the role of the lead guitarist, Dew Finn. Jack is suspended from his band; therefore, to maintain his lifestyle, he finally opts for another job as a temporary teacher in an elementary school. Unfortunately, teaching is not his passion, but rock being his DNA, he started teaching fifth graders rock. The resultant band, “School of Rock,” becomes good and sings up for a band competition but loses. However, despite not winning the competition, they won the hearts of the fans. How sweet!

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7) Get on Up 

The celebrated actor Chadwick Boseman portrays James Brown in this movie directed by Tate Taylor. The legendary soul artist James Brown portrayed in this biopic movie, had a very successful career. The movie covers his career, lows and highs, especially a brush with law enforcement after a drug bust resulting in a high-speed chase with the police and two years in prison. Boseman did an excellent job playing Brown, and if you haven’t watched it, then you don’t know what you are missing. 

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6) Almost Famous 

This rock movie is about a journalist called William Miller who snags a writing job worth $35 with Rolling Stone Magazine. Miller was tasked with writing about Stillwater rock bands’ tour around the country without letting nobody know he was 15 years old. Russel Crowe also wrote some parts of this autobiographical movie in the ’70s. Even though Almost famous lost some money at the box office, it still has its place amongst the best rock music movie of all time.

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5) Control 

It is a biography of Anton Corbijn, a photographer entailing his life. His physical performance outshines his silent and patient approach. The movie shows the struggles that every band encounters off the screen; this honesty sets it apart from others. 

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4) Purple Rain

Rock is all about doing what you love on stage but not being perfect, which describes Purple Rain. The movie depicts a musical career that could have gone south if not for the genius character of its main actor. There is a big discussion on whether the Kid was ever revealed. Watch it using VPN for free and contribute to that discussion. Don’t forget to check its honest reviews first.

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3) Monterey Pop 

If there is one rock movie that never gets old, it’s Monterey Pop. The graphics in this movie are not to the current standards, but because of the role it plays in the history of rock, it’s got to be on this list. The story manifests the summer love and the ethos of the Haight-Ashbury district. It champions freedom, happiness, and optimism, making it a must-watch rock movie. 

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2) A Hard Day’s Night 

If you think about who is the number one rock band of all time, then it’s got to be The Beatles. A Hard Day’s Night was released when the Beatlemania band was at its peak. The quality of music, action, and jokes overwrite the fact that it was filmed in black and white. It perfectly depicts how the Beatles managed the limelight that came with their fame. It is credited for being the forerunner of all rock movies presiding its release. 

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1) Woodstock

The Woodstock Music & Art Festival was a three-day event of love, peace, and good music from over thirty rock bands. The festival was legendary, even without a movie about it being made. Woodstock was beautifully filmed and revolutionary because of the multi-screen photography used by the producers then. If you love movies about rock stars, then Woodstock should be on top of your list. There can never be another Woodstock because nowadays, mostly due to the fact that Woodstock ’99 was an unmitigated disaster.

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