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Unmasking Bias Within The Cultural Zeitgeist: Tarah Who?s & YUR MUM’s Upcoming Single, “Push Me”

If Tarah Who? and YUR MUM are a pair of lit matches, then “Push Me” is a can of gasoline simply biding its time, looking for its official invitation to explosively enter the stratosphere. The track services as official notice that both Tarah Who? and YUR MUM are on a mission to push the message that independent artists are meaningful in the industry in the same way that larger artists are.

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I Don’t Feel Well, by Pluralone is a Hopeful, Melodic Experience

“I Don’t Feel Well” is an emotional glimpse and response to the dumpster fire that was 2020 in each note, producing an album that is nothing short of evoking and beautiful. Josh Klinghoffer aka Pluralone really shines on this album.

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Yoga for the Ears: GEA by Mia Doi Todd is a Spin Your Soul Didn’t Even Know it Needed

Some artists harness the ability to instantly tap into that part of their listener’s soul that allows them to deeply connect with each note, and “GEA” by Mia Doi Todd did just that for me.

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