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2021 Reviews:

Reviewing John Salvage’s Coyote Hasten

Reviewing The Besnard Lakes Are the Last of the Great Thunderstorm Warnings

Reviewing The True Romance Soundtrack on Vinyl

Yoga for the Ears: GEA by Mia Doi Todd is a Spin Your Soul Didn’t Even Know it Needed

I Don’t Feel Well, by Pluralone is a Hopeful, Melodic Experience

Reviewing Bathroom of the Future’s new EP, Everybody Else Here Is Having Fun

Reviewing Micah Sheveloff’s Rockville

Upon Further Review: Alta Reign’s Mother’s Day

Upon Further Review: Examining the Psychedelic Porn Crumpets’ Latest Effort

Dream Sitch Takes You On a Synth-Driven Trip!

Reviewing MARLEE’s Hypnotic New Single, “Tru Luv”

Calling Out To The Past, While Looking Toward The Future: Reviewing Michael Baker’s Hasten Mercy

Ringing In The Holiday Season: Reviewing Doug Ferony’s Classic Single, “It’s Christmas”

A Portrait Painted Via Self Discovery: Reviewing Daphne Wolfe’s Single, “Under My Spell”

Finding A Deeper Meaning: Savarre’s New Single, “Art Of The Bleed” Lays Down The Spiritual Gauntlet

Avante Garde Stylings For The Modern Hip-Hop Era: Reviewing Darko The Super’s New Record, Great White Buffalo

An Exercise In Audio High Fidelity: Reviewing Jayywallin Magnetize’s New EP, The Chosen Ones

Summer Vibes Take The Form Of Pop Mastery: Reviewing Gigi Vega’s Single, “Down Crazy”

Unmasking Bias Within The Cultural Zeitgeist: Tarah Who?s & YUR MUM’S single, “Push Me”

Traversing The Distance Inward: Analyzing in/error’s Latest EP, Death By Design

A Review of Waiver Wire’s Newest Single, “Battery Health”

Grappling With Insanity: Reviewing Riku(戮)’s Single, “Rin Pun”

A Light In The Darkness: Reviewing Mark Stein’s “Let’s Pray for Peace”

Leols’ New Single, “Time ft.HRTBRKFEVER” Is A Seductive, Contemplative Affair

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