An Exercise In Audio High Fidelity: Reviewing Zaythemusic & Jayywallin’s New EP, The Chosen Ones

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Some music is simply designed to get you moving.

You know the type — music for the weekend, as they say. For those of us that are looking for music to move and groove to, look no further than Brooklyn-based producer, Zaythemusic, and Jayywallin’s collaborative EP, The Chosen Ones.

Fans of Zaythemusic and Jayywallin’s music will be in familiar territory, as the marriage of high-spirited production and made-for-radio verses locomote along fluently, in perfect lockstep with one another.

If you ask the two artists, they would tell you they were handpicked by GOD himself for prescribed musical greatness. With tracks such as “Too Slimy,” and “Rainy Clouds,” it’s hard to argue, as they display the full range of the duo and demonstrate their obvious musical fluidity and compatibility.

On the whole, The Chosen Ones is an EP that both amplifies the duo’s versatility as solo artists, and as a unit alike. Going forward, the EP can act as a sort of musical signifier, one that will truly set them apart from the countless droves of earworm purveyors which compose the music landscape today.

The rising force that is Zaythemusic, and Jayywallin is one for fans to blissfully rejoice in, and contemporaries to nervously take notice of.

Connect with Zaythemusic via his webpage here.

Connect with Jayywallin here.

Interested in digging deeper into the world of Zaythemusic & Jayywallin? Check out the new EP, The Chosen Ones, below:

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