Analyzing Clinical Depression in Rock ‘n’ Roll

While brief sadness is normal and even healthy, prolonged periods of deep sadness that affect everyday living are not; many famous rock ‘n’ roll stars have suffered from some form of depression; some have managed to navigate the difficulties, while others haven’t successfully. This article will examine some of those tragedies and successes.

An Everlasting Love: Andy Gibb’s Untimely Death

Few people seemed better suited to handle fame and fortune than Andy Gibb. After all, his brothers were the Bee Gees, already internationally well-known singers in Andy’s youth, and on the verge of becoming disco superstars when he was still in his teens.

10 More Forgotten ’70s Songs Worth Another Listen

We hope you’ll enjoy this little jaunt back to the ’70s, one of music’s greatest decades. It was a time when the airwaves were swirling with terrific songs; many lost to the mists of time.

Songs That Would Make Good Themes For Life

Ever hear someone say, “That’s the story of my life?” Merle Haggard even wrote a song about someone telling his life in a song. With that in mind, let’s tiptoe through the tulips with ten suggestions for themes for life.

Popular 80’s Songs Used At Weddings That Make You Wonder

We recently looked at ten popular songs from the seventies used at weddings that make you wonder. Now, taken from a website called The Top 100 Eighties Songs Used At Weddings, let’s take a fun journey through some of the popular songs from the eighties used at weddings that make you wonder what they were thinking.

Popular Songs From The 70s Used At Weddings That Make You Wonder

Marriage is one of humanity’s oldest institutions. And having songs and/or music at weddings is no doubt just as ancient. In modern times songs like The Carpenters’ “We’ve Only Just Begun” or Shania Twain’s “From This Moment On” are examples of positive songs that reflect on the hope of a couple starting their marital bliss. But some songs, which I came across on a web page called the Top 100 1970s Songs for Weddings, are real head-scratching ones. Let’s take a fun journey through ten of those songs.

Forgotten 70s Songs Worth Another Listen

Songs are a lot like people; some enter our lives and take up residence there. We purchase singles and albums and get to know them intimately, and soon, they are familiarly and comfortably ensconced in our lives, like family.

Ten 70s Albums That Were The Peak of Classic Artists’ Careers

Every artist has a peak. It might be their commercial peak or, it might be their creative peak, and sometimes, both occur on the same recording, but not always.

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