An Interview with Record Store Day Co-Founder Michael Kurtz

In our second round of interviews with Record Store Day co-founder, Michael Kurtz, we go more in-depth about the inner workings of Record Store Day itself.

An Interview with Adam Albright of Dopesick

Recently, we caught up with vocalist and guitarist, Adam Albright, of LA-based band, Dopesick. Adam is the definition of Metal, and his music and creativity show it. His passion to make, create, and bring music to the people is what drives Adam to do what he does.

An interview with Jeff Baddley of Troyen

After being away for thirty-two years, Troyen is back and better than ever. In this interview, Jeff talks with us about the formation of the Troyen, the members that have come and gone, their touring and recording cycles, and everything in between.

An interview with Jim Harold The Paranormal Podcast

Jim Harold is a titan of the paranormal podcasting world, as well as a pioneer for podcasting in general. There’s a reason why he is perpetually atop the proverbial podcasting heap.

An Interview with Mike DelGaudio of the NoSleep Podcast

Mike DelGaudio, another longtime veteran of the show dating back to season 4 is someone who found his roots in the NoSleep subreddit and grew from there.

An Interview with Erin Lillis of the NoSleep Podcast

After about a dozen of these wonderful interviews there’s not much more I can say that hasn’t been said already about all the amazing people behind the NoSleep Podcast. I truly appreciate everyone involved in this ongoing project we have with the people that make the show run.

An Interview With Wafiyyah White of the NoSleep Podcast

Wafiyyah speaks on her inspirational story in which she went from being a fan of the show to being a regular actor on it. Wafiyah is absolutely one of the voices that I can most easily put a name to, and with good reason as she continues to regularly lend out her voice.

An Interview With Erika Sanderson of the NoSleep Podcast

Today, we yet again continue our NoSleep Podcast interview series with another one of the show’s long-time regulars and among the best of them, Erika Sanderson.

An Interview With Mary Murphy of the NoSleep Podcast

Continuing our NoSleep Podcast series of interviews we have Mary Murphy with us today! Mary has been with the show and lending her unique voice for the last 6 seasons.

An Interview with Sam Spade of The Midnight Devils

What do you get when you combine 80s Glam Metal with Classic Rock, Boogie-Woogie, and some punk sprinkled in for good measure? You get The Midnight Devils! I’m personally very excited about the revival in 80s style Hard Rock and Metal and The Midnight Devils are no exception.

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