An Interview with Greg Fraser of Brighton Rock, Helix & Storm Force

Recently, I caught up with veteran six-stringer Greg Fraser of Brighton Rock. Among other things, we touch on Greg’s origins in music, the formation, and evolution of Brighton Rock, the recording of the band’s debut, the 1980’s scene, Greg’s record work with Storm Force, and a whole lot more.

Avante Garde Stylings For The Modern Hip-Hop Era: Reviewing Darko The Super’s New Record, Great White Buffalo

Darko The Super has managed to take everything we love about 1980s Electro-Hop, 90s Golden Age Hip-Hop, and 2000s Vaporwave, and merge it all into one ultramodern, futuristic, forward-thinking tour de force. Great White Buffalo is a record we are going to be talking about for years to come. With these tracks laid to tape, and now unleashed unto the world, its legacy is soon to be formally cemented.

An interview with Jim Harold The Paranormal Podcast

Jim Harold is a titan of the paranormal podcasting world, as well as a pioneer for podcasting in general. There’s a reason why he is perpetually atop the proverbial podcasting heap.

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