Rebelmatic Begins Exciting New Chapter with Mourning Dove

All images courtesy of Rebelmatic

All images courtesy of Rebelmatic

Many bands hit a creative high that easily be pointed to in their careers. Brooklyn Punk outfit, Rebelmatic, appears to be on an upward trajectory that there is no coming down from.

After the masterpiece that was Ghost in the Shadows, a follow-up was eagerly desired. However, it begged the question — how could they top that release?

The answer? A project that tops anything they have done before. The Mourning Dove EP. Four songs that perfectly show off the unique musical abilities of Creature, Alkatraz, Karnage, and Ramsey Jones.

Things start off with “Walk on Water”, a rager, and a future classic hardcore anthem. It’s the kind of song everyone has seemingly been waiting for, given the past handful of years. It’s the kind of song you scream every lyric to in the pit until your hair is standing on end. A searing commentary of the current state of affairs.

The EP then slips into “Said What I Said.” This is where the band starts to show off their eclectic nature as songwriters and musicians. They seamlessly transition between a rock steady verse and a classic hardcore chorus. By the end of the song, both sounds have collided with each other in the most delightful way possible.

Creech and the boys’ next song is “Tomorrow Right Now.” It is, paradoxically, both the most infectiously catchy and hardest song on the album. The high point of the song is the whole band chanting, “We want our freedom,” while guitarist, Alkatraz, melts our collective faces.

The project ends with the classic Rebelmatic “James Brown in a mosh-pit” sound they are known for with “Sun Go Down.” The soundscape is taken to new heights when Creature is joined by Angelo Moore of Fishbone fame on vocals. On top of that, Karnage is deep in the pocket on this one, with a killer walking bass line, and Ramsey Jones shows his able stylings behind the kit. It’s the type of track you’re bound to have on repeat for months to come.

There is truly no band that sounds like Rebelmatic in any way, shape, or form, and Mourning Dove exemplifies that in the best way possible.

All images courtesy of Rebelmatic

Interested in learning more about Rebelmatic’s new EP, Mourning Dove? Hit the link below:

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