Reviewing Micah Sheveloff’s Rockville

All images courtesy of Micah Sheveloff

All images courtesy of Micah Sheveloff

Micah Sheveloff was gracious enough to send us a copy of his LP Rockville, and it’s a wonderful easy listening composition of songs that range from melancholic realizations to songs about hopefulness and happiness for the future.

Specifically mixed and mastered for vinyl each song paints a vivid picture of a time or place in Micah’s life (or what could have been) and weaves a tale of a lifetime of experiences, past inspirations, and relationships with music and people in an album that comes full circle as a person and artist. Micah’s talent as a singer, songwriter, pianist, and composer is apparent in this very well-put-together arrangement. Rockville has a familiar yet distinct sound that brings together a perfectly mastered Bluesy, Prog Rock, Pop, and a Classical Piano sound that’s hypnotic and lite on the ears.

Rockville is named for the street where Sheveloff has spent his formative years in Lexington, Massachusetts, to shape who he is as an artist today. “The solo artist singer/songwriter is so vastly different than being part of a noisy band or working as a session player. I feel very fortunate to have lived my own journey as an artist and as a writer. It has all come full circle with this record.”

I hope you guys enjoy listening to this one as much as I did and I look forward to future projects by Micah!

All images courtesy of Micah Sheveloff

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