Finding A Deeper Meaning: Savarre’s New Single, “Art Of The Bleed” Lays Down The Spiritual Gauntlet

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Spinetingling, sultry, fervent — these are just a few words one could use to describe Savarre’s delectable single, “Art Of The Bleed.”

Led by the effervescent Shannon Denise Evans, Savarre is serving up this seductive track for listeners to behold. The track kicks off with a sort of atmospheric whirlwind that gently saunters through a soulful, if not funky verse and chorus call, and response.

Evans and company have always been a group that leans more toward the artsy side of things, with tracks that tell stories via raw emotion via folktale bloodletting, but with “Art Of The Bleed,” we see the band deepening its roots, and harkening back to some not so obvious influences.

For those of us that have had to rebuild ourselves from the soul up, Shannon Denise Evans is speaking to us through a sort of provocative musical kinship that only those who have had to lay their inner-selves bare could understand.

Evans’ vocal prowess is on full display here, with sullen whispers walking hand in hand alongside mournful howls. Shannon shares, “Between what we’re taught we are, and who we’re told we need to be, we lose ourselves. Along the way, we will mourn our lost self, experience the die-off of what we thought we knew, then feel the birth of who we actually are.”

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