Slow Crush’s Hush: Reinventing The Dreamscape

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By Fábio Moniz

Image courtesy of Earshot Media

Slow Crush takes us to a place far away from this complex world we live in. A place where we can sit for a while and think about what is there within us that makes us heavier.

When it comes to the band’s latest effort, Hush, the track order is very well thought out. It gives the listener the chance to prepare oneself first to enter a new universe – a non-universe if you will – a place where all our worries are to be faced. If we are feeling blue, it’ll be a ride through cymbals and even-eights until we get to know what is it that is making us feel as we do. The sweet voice of the Isa Holliday sounds just like the voice of our conscience. That voice takes over our conscious, and has us by the reigns, only to take us on a trip towards clarity.

Self-gazing is more than shoegazing.

The effects these musicians use to make each track sound like a new level or layer of a dream as if our dreams are divided into sections. And at the end of a track, we want to keep on dreaming still. It’s taking us through a healing, although painful, ride. We are forgiving ourselves; we are giving the band the control of our bodies; they have full permission to command us wherever they want us to go.

Final destination: inner peace! Groove!

Indeed, although all the sonority may seem abstract, and slow-paced, we can feel a lot of groove. The rhythm section of drummer Steve Commaerts, and Holliday on bass, is very solid. These musicians know, indeed, what they are doing, they know how to drive the song. They are aware of the fact that they have the steering wheel and need to guide the band, but they too, are aware of the fact that they are taking care of a human being. A sensitive being, that has a lot of emotions within.

A lullaby.

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We are put to sleep in our wake. While we are listening to Slow Crush’s Hush, we get into a state of daydreaming. It takes us to the other side of the mirror. If this is Narnia or someplace else, it makes no difference, as long as there is the possibility to take every little vibration with us, and let them take everything that’s weighing on us away. Let those bad feelings be decimated, and leave us be as light as when we were young and had nothing to worry about.

Weightless heaviness.

As for the sound of the rhythm section, the balance between the bass and the drums is perfect. Drum bass, snare, toms, and cymbals have a great taste, a sound that one wouldn’t want to hear any other way. And the bass guitar’s sound is very round and smooth. But then, you can hear its assertiveness and the bit of treble and tone. Very subtle choice in the set-up. This base makes it feel even more natural all the effects the band use throughout the album’s tracks.

Do you like to dream?

The single “Billow” clearly spreads all around us the powder that the Sandman blows on us. There are few that a dreamy song such as the single “Billow” cannot take us from. Immerse yourself in the sound of Slow Crush’s Hush and the singles “Blue” and “Billow.” Let Slow Crush lead your dreams through a highway of a beautifully built progression of sounds. With Hush as their single – an excellent choice for a single, indeed – they make their way to the spotlight in the genre.

Give it a go?

Image courtesy of Earshot Media

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