Anizzy’s “You Against Me:” The Antidote to Your Late-Night Worries

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By Andrew Daly

Are you looking for some jazzy beats to satiate your soul? How about something smooth yet empowering? Look no further than Anizzy’s latest cut, “You Against Me.”

Indeed, the Houston-based singer, songwriter, and producer is at it again, with a track reminding listeners of the empowering nature of overcoming adversity. Life is filled with those who will try and knock you down, but in “You Against Me,” we find a track capable of delivering the sort of pick-me-up that many listeners need after a long week spent battling the world.

Anizzy is no stranger to production, and for “You Against Me,” he’s twisting the knobs once again at Houstonology Studios in Houston. The results are smooth and sentimental, perfectly complimenting the lyrical content, which depicts hard-fought battles and emotional lessons learned.

Images courtesy of AMW Group

Of course, “You Against Me” is part of a larger 5-song EP of the same name, and themes that run throughout are in keeping with the lead single. To be sure, the You Against Me EP, on the whole, is an accurate representation of the man and the artist as he stands before us in 2023. Now prepared to take on the world, Anizzy’s music is in lockstep with his mindset – blistering, personal, and steeped in strength.

Lastly, Anizzy is ever-vocal regarding his South Indian heritage. With this latest EP, we see the artist digging deeper than ever before, extracting levels of poignant musicality, leading to continued personal growth on and off the stage. With his goals in sight and his creativity flowing, You Against Me is a statement of intent and a defiant harbinger of what’s to come.

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