An Interview with Derek Day of Classless Act

Despite the persistent myth that rock music is on the verge of extinction, a legion of promising new acts are poised to lead a rock revolution for the next generation.

Alex G: The Indie Artist Next Door

The song wasn’t the weirdest I’d ever heard, but “Sarah” was definitely weird, specifically the peculiar vocal delivery. I had to know more about this artist, Alex G. Thanks to “Sarah,” I fell down the Alex G rabbit hole and kept falling and am still falling to this day.

Hazel English Casts Spells of Magic Across Summer Nights

For those who had the chance to immerse themselves in the sound of “Wake Up!,” something will hit you as different from that sober, clean, and fast-paced sound. Summer Nights is a portal to a dimension where nostalgia is a guide in a dreamy adventure. Leave everything behind. Nothing is needed but an open heart.

In The Garage: Weezer’s Debut Record Revisited

Looking back, Weezer’s The Blue Album qualifies, in my mind at least, as one of the great albums of the 90s. I return to it often. I expect these songs will be in the public consciousness for a long time to come, and for that, we can be truly thankful.

Bramses Xalyxys Mysterious Warrior: Narratives Summoned Through Metaphor

An already accomplished composer, arranger, songwriter, and scriptwriter, Bramses’s aim in crafting Mysterious Warrior was to take listeners on a true auditory experience, once which their trembling sensing might never recover.

An Interview with Ahmet Zappa

Recently, I caught up with the ever-dextrous, multi-faceted, Ahmet Zappa. Among other things, we touch on The Zappa Band’s upcoming headlining shows, who will be taking the stage, the influence of Ahmet’s father, Frank Zappa, where things stand with his brother Dweezil, the prospect of new music, and a whole lot more.

João Rodrigues: A Parting Gift from an Exiled Musician

Some last wise words have been left by João Rodrigues, from Portugal to the world: “If you have something interesting to say, an interesting perspective on the world, it is crucial you write songs. If I die, show those three songs— “Identidade,” “Tiro no Escuro,” and “Se Nunca Mais Nos Virmos” – and I won’t feel embarrassed.”

An Interview with Janis Tanaka of Pagan Babies, P!NK & Femme Fatale

Recently, we caught up with veteran bassist, Janis Tanaka of Pagan Babies, P!NK, L7, Femme Fatale, and more. Among other things, we touch on how Janis is kicking off 2022, her early years, her long and varied career in music, what’s next, and a whole lot more.

Reviewing Big Drink’s It Was Supposed To Be So Easy

Do you feel like joining Big Drink for a pint before banging the boredom out of your monotonous lives? It Was Supposed To Be So Easy can be your launching pad. Make sure to listen to every track as something new, and not like a string of the sameness you have had before.

Nelson Moreira: A Young Musician Writes His Metal Manifesto

One has its own definition of time, and for Nelson Moreira, making his way in music at the age of nineteen is rather late to start.

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