Reviewing Big Drink’s It Was Supposed To Be So Easy

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By Fábio Moniz

Ready, set, drink!

Big Drink sets its listeners in an “I want more” mood. Upbeat, groovy, and everything one can ask from a Sunday afternoon song and something else. It drops freshly like a cold drink on a warm summer day.

A reading of the EP’s title, It Was Supposed To Be So Easy, tells us that something is not going accordingly. But everything can be seen with different eyes or listened to with different ears.

A mission of six.

Some similarities with the Japanese punk-rock band MAN WITH A MISSION can be found. Those similarities make it very fun to listen to these guys’ work. And that’s what music is supposed to be, too, fun to listen to. If you are looking for some fun, you know where to look.

Also, do not expect it to be a clear structured type of music. You’ll find a lot of measures breaking the song apart, slowing it down to a half-beat, something that provides some time to appreciate what we had listened to and to prepare for what’s coming next.

Clean and distorted.

A great balance between clean melodic guitar lines and heavy riffs and distortion effects. This is not your regular high school punk-rock band. Although it may sound like more of the same, Big Drink was creative enough to add a few layers of groovy freshness.

Balance and bass.

The first thing we do when we listen to the sound? Move our heads around. With Big Drink, you’ll be able to move your head to and fro from the first track to the last, and ask for an encore – how can you ask a recording for an encore?

Image courtesy of Earshot Media

The drum and bass sounds are some novelty Big Drink had been able to add to the juvenile punk-rock genre. Indeed, it provides a great structure for the guitars to play their part, and yet it does not stick with the regular beat count but keeps on driving the listener around the wave of bright sounds.

If it’s too heavy, turn the volume up.

You may get the wrong message from the first play. Try again, a bit louder. It will sound a lot better. “Cerebro” pulls you to a whirl of rhythmic richness that you’ll feel you never want to go back to the real rhythm of life. It sounds just like how we’d like our lives to be: upbeat, groovy, bright, with some bass as our safety net down below, keeping us as high as we can get, and, of course, safe.


Some parts will sound like nu-metal, and that keeps heads from falling into boredom. Sameness is prohibited. Variety is the new cool. Wear your hats backward and bang your heads up and down.

Voices! Voices!

The background vocals call out for you. They want you to join the party, and there are never enough people to join the rhythm. Take your feet off the ground. It’s time to fly high and leave your problems on the overburdened earth.

Do you feel like joining Big Drink for a pint before banging the boredom out of your monotonous lives? It Was Supposed To Be So Easy can be your launching pad. Make sure to listen to every track as something new, and not like a string of the sameness you have had before.

Image courtesy of Earshot Media

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