Ringing In The Holiday Season: Reviewing Doug Ferony’s Classic Single, “It’s Christmas”

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With the holidays steadily approaching, it’s the time of year again…the time of year when we start to shift over from our regular rotation of Pop, Rock, etc., and over to our tried and true Christmas playlists that we’ve been fine-tuning in anticipation for this moment.

If you’re looking for something new to add to your playlist, give Doug Ferony’s classic track, “It’s Christmas,” a try.

When it comes to Christmas music, it’s not about reinventing the wheel. No, it’s about evoking nostalgia, and more importantly — joy. It’s here where Doug Ferony has fully succeeded with his Christmas classic, “It’s Christmas.”

Fans of Bing Crosby, and old-school Phil Spector “wall of sound” production, mixed with late 50s Swing will be right out home here. Ferony’s backing band, which consists of Dena DeRose on piano, Chris Berger on bass, and the effortlessly energetic Joe Strasser on drums is awash in frenetic, bright Christmas spirit.

The track itself was written by Ferony, and his late wife, Joan, and the energy is bright, frenetic, and timeless. In “It’s Christmas,” Doug Ferony managed to deliver a melodic tune that will sure to be accompanying fans by the fireside as they wait for Santa and his sleigh for years to come.

Learn more about Doug Ferony via his webpage here.

Interested in learning more about Doug Ferony’s new single? Check “It’s Christmas” via the link below:

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