5-Piece Instrumental Band The Royal Arctic Institute Talks New Music, Covering Classic Peanuts Tunes, and More

In this follow-up interview of The Royal Arctic Institute nearly exactly a year later, we have John Leon (Guitars), David Motamed (Bass), and Lyle Hysen (Drums) giving us the scoop on the band’s current goings-on, gear, new music, and the aforementioned Christmas compilation album.

An Alternative to the Same Old Christmas Music: Rudy Casoni’s S’no Balls Has You Covered

Are you like me? Tired of 99% of Christmas music by December 3rd because of the radio and malls overplaying “the classics?”

X-Mas Playlist Remix: Five Change Of Pace Christmas Tracks To Stuff Your Stocking With

If you can’t listen to “Silent Night” one more time this season keep reading. Below we will examine five highly underrated and/or non-traditional tracks to enjoy while you slurp up your eggnog, rip open your presents and decorate your tree.

Ringing In The Holiday Season: Reviewing Doug Ferony’s Classic Single, “It’s Christmas”

Fans of Bing Crosby, and old-school Phil Spector “wall of sound” production, mixed with late 50s Swing will be right out home here. Ferony’s backing band, which consists of Dena Derose on piano, Chris Berger on bass, and the effortlessly energetic Joe Strasser on drums is awash in frenetic, bright Christmas spirit.

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