Alternative Phenomenon: A Spiritual Awakening Via Music

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By Andrew Daly

At one point or another, we’ve all been in a position of difficulty. Often, in these moments, this is when we as human beings take a moment to breathe, recenter, and reflect.

Nick Mirisola, the proverbial heart and soul of Meditative Animal, understands this exceptionally well. In the wake of what appears to be a period of self-reflection for the veteran multi-instrumentalist, we see Meditative Animal’s latest offering, Alternative Phenomenon.

Set for an October 11th release, Alternative Phenomenon is everything you’ve been waiting for in terms of insightful music set to soundtrack your Fall. The 13-track effort is a vibe-laden affair, boasting the immense songsmith of Mirisola, who is ably backed by John Dixon Mirisola, Rafael Hendrix, BMo the Producer, Adam Schoff, Kandiss Knowles, Lil Beats, Chris Plummer, and Ozzie Lopez.

An electric kaleidoscope of sights, sounds, and colors, Alternative Phenomenon sets the listener’s senses aflame through a poetically driven amalgamation of fusion, folk, rock, and country. Cuts such as “Never Clip Your Wings (Robyn)” and “Round the Block” are mood-setting interludes, giving Mirisola’s audience the full scope of the emotional experience.

Two more notable tracks are “Minin’ Silver Linin’s” and “Fantasy Woman,” which amount to some of the more grounded moments on the record, reflecting real-life scenarios that just about anyone can relate to. As a listener, this is integral, as the duality of fantasy and reality collide, merging worlds, ideas, and visions into one gorgeously coherent piece.

If you’re looking to expand your horizons this Fall, give Alternative Phenomenon a try. In a season where seemingly everyone is trying to catch an ever-fleeting vibe, a record has appeared which will encapsulate all listeners have been looking for.

Through its stellar production, meaningful songwriting, reflective musicality, and diverse musicianship, Alternative Phenomenon has it all. Set for release through Moonlit Creative Works on 10/11/2022, tune in via streaming platforms worldwide to this once-in-a-season chance to catch the ultimate fall feeling.

Once you’ve done so, all that’s left for you is to listen, digest, rise, and repeat.

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Connect with Meditative Animal via their webpage.

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