The Fats Hit Paydirt Via Their Very Own Rock & Roll Fantasy

All images courtesy of AMW Group

By Andrew Daly

Do you subscribe to the worn-out adage that “rock is dead?” If so, then you most likely haven’t heard the invigorating music by scene newcomers, The Fats.

In the world of rock music, you’ve got to pay your dues to earn your place at the proverbial table. After three long years of hard work, and dedication, it seems that finally, The Fats have earned their stripes.

With the band’s debut record, Rock & Roll Fantasy in the can, the trio of James Chiha (vocals/guitars), Alex Kotsornithis (guitars), and Brandon Benwell (drums) are ready to take on the world and stake their claim amongst the new generation of rock and rollers who will usher in the next generation.

As for Rock & Roll Fantasy, the LP was recorded at The Sound Module and mastered at Ryan Morey Audio Mastering, the record is a dyed-in-the-wool throwback, and encapsulates everything that fans of the genre have come to know and love.

All images courtesy of AMW Group

A smorgasbord of guitar-driven, blues-rock nostalgia, Rock & Roll Fantasy features collaborations with Steve Creep, Sam Fortin, and Conor Antenucci, and also sports immense covers of classic Jimmy Reed and Rufus Thomas tracks, “Big Boss Man, and “Walkin’ the Dog.” While The Fats aren’t the first to cover these essential tracks, they still have made them their own, and vibrant once more for an unsuspecting audience.

Through the practice of embracing core elements, and tried and true showmanship, the members of The Fats have transported us back to a time when bells and whistles weren’t a “thing.” Instead, The Fats keep it old-school in terms of both soundscapes, and vibe.

If you thought rock was dead, think again, because, with bands like The Fats preaching the good word of rock and blues music, the genre might just avoid its too-soon-prescribed demise after all.

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