Black Sweater Sets a Chill Tone with “Moves Like You”

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By Andrew Daly

Picture this: it’s late on a Friday night, and you’re sitting back, finally taking a breath – for the first time – in a long time. Life can be hard, and at this moment, you’re looking for something fresh, something new, and something…something to mellow your mood.

Does this scenario sound familiar? If so, I’ve got a track for you in Black Sweater’s latest slice of heaven, “Moves Like You.” We’ve all been through hard times, and it could be said that as far as new music goes, nothing encapsulates the mixed emotions that life breeds better than “Moves Like You.”

To that end, Black Sweater’s Sam Sheffield (vocals/multi-instrumentalist) quipped, “I wrote Moves Like You when I was dealing with a breakup. It started out as an idea I wrote on the piano – just some chords and a few lines of lyrics. I started layering in instruments, and the song came together. Then it all flowed out: sad verses, happy choruses – either way, it moves…”

All images courtesy of AMW Group

Yes, it does appear that “Moves Like You” is a harbinger of greatness to come as it strides into our collective consciousness alongside an additional single, “Stream of Consciousness.” The word is that both tracks will be important parts of a sixteen-song greater whole, That Girl I Knew, an album designed to make you shake, rattle, and roll, as well as deliver a dagger through your heart’s desire.

Bore and bred in San Diego, few bands augment elite musicianship along with earnest songwriting in the manner that brothers Sam and Caleb Sheffield do. With diverse influences ranging from jazz, to classic rock, to alternative, this duo is poised to make an indelible imprint on a bustling scene. Simply put, if you’re into post-2000s indie rock, with a hint of “something else,” you’ll be right at home here, and certainly, never bored.

At the end of the day, breakups are hard, but we’ve all been there. Aesthetics, and sonic musings aside, most importantly, the boys in Black Sweater have heart, more so, it’s endearingly on their sleeve. If you’re looking for company on a cold, dark, and lonely night, give “Moves Like You” a try.

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