Bramses Xalyxys Mysterious Warrior: Narratives Summoned Through Metaphor

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By Andrew Daly

Are you looking for vivid new soundscapes to open the catacombs of your mind, and expand them in far-reaching directions, but don’t know where to start? Well, Mysterious Warrior by Bramses Xalyxys is a perfect place to start.

An already accomplished composer, arranger, songwriter, and scriptwriter, Bramses’s aim in crafting Mysterious Warrior was to take listeners on a true auditory experience, once which their trembling sensing might never recover.

The EP, which is available through Spotify, as well as other major streaming services, takes listeners on a fantasy-themed journey centered around Jagred and Jaet, an army of dragon wolves and first leader of the Vortuxs. Cast against a heavy metal backdrop, the EP tells a story of defense and self-definition, which is all too relatable.

While the subject matter is nothing short of fantastical, the actual music is nothing short of outstanding. Fans of progressive metal and concept-laden albums will be right at home here. Lyrically, and musically, Mysterious Warrior is sound, if not virtuosic.

With Mysterious Warrior, Bramses’s undying dedication to his craft – both storytelling and songwriting – is steadfast, and commendable. Wearing his influences on his sleeve, yet unabashedly forging his own path, has left Bramses in a paradoxical position – had he forged his own subgenre, or simply pushed an existing one forward from dormancy.

Tracks such as “Swords That Deserve To Be Ruled,” “In The Black Flames There Is A White Battle,” and “Secrets Of A Warrior” provide emotional depth, and are torrid standouts and ones which surely will be gracing your Spotify playlists for years to come.

One thing is certain, Mysterious Warrior is a wake-up call for fans of progressive music. Bramses has harkened back to an age where storytelling and theme were apparent and upfront. No longer will artists be able to lean into complacency, lest they be compared to the Stella work laid forth with Mysterious Warrior.

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