An Interview with Marty Friedman

Freidman’s take-no-prisoners approach, coupled with his refusal to conform to the standards of the zeitgeist, allowed the Les Paul-wielding polymath to untether his aerodynamic style unto the masses, hot wiring the brains of a generation to come through his work in both the instrumental guitar and thrash metal arenas.

An Interview with Paul Monroe of XYZ

From assuming East Coast origins, Monroe cut his teeth on the Jersey club scene before making his way to the West Coast to take his shot at grandeur through rock ‘n’ roll. After an unexpected call from bassist Pat Fontaine and a successful audition, Monroe found himself the new drummer for up-and-coming act, XYZ.

Bramses Xalyxys Mysterious Warrior: Narratives Summoned Through Metaphor

An already accomplished composer, arranger, songwriter, and scriptwriter, Bramses’s aim in crafting Mysterious Warrior was to take listeners on a true auditory experience, once which their trembling sensing might never recover.

An Interview with Ahmet Zappa

Recently, I caught up with the ever-dextrous, multi-faceted, Ahmet Zappa. Among other things, we touch on The Zappa Band’s upcoming headlining shows, who will be taking the stage, the influence of Ahmet’s father, Frank Zappa, where things stand with his brother Dweezil, the prospect of new music, and a whole lot more.

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