Jacob Rice Serves Up a Dish of Country Music Tinged with a Taste of Sugar

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Tennessee-based musician and skilled songwriter Jacob Rice shows us “How a Man Treats a Lady,” in his latest single, which tickles our ears in the most pleasant way possible. With a vibe meant for a lazy summer’s day spent driving to wherever the track really goes well with a joyful ride “Downtown.”


Rice’s inspirations are all around his music, but he stamps it with a unique vibe all his own. Rice’s approach to guitar provides the perfect balance for his voice to drop some addictive lyrics. In no time, you’ll be singing along and have the lyrics deeply embedded in your heart. And whose fault is it? Rice’s “bouncy melodies and skillfully crafted hooks,” of course.

Rhythm changes everything.

Jacob Rice’s vocalization truly grants the track a deep balance, as well as a not-so-straight and not-so-predictable rhythmic pattern. It is a listen-to-believe kind of experience.

Are you ready to dive into Jacob Rice’s love-ridden world? Take a ride on his new single, “How a Man Treats a Lady.” Simply put, fans of modern-day country won’t forget it.

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