Jacob Rice Serves Up a Dish of Country Music Tinged with a Taste of Sugar

Are you ready to dive into Jacob Rice’s love-ridden world? Take a ride on his new single, “How a Man Treats a Lady. Simply put, fans of modern-day country won’t forget it.

Ten 70s Albums That Were The Peak of Classic Artists’ Careers

Every artist has a peak. It might be their commercial peak or, it might be their creative peak, and sometimes, both occur on the same recording, but not always.

An Interview with Ben Nichols of Lucero

Do you like Memphis Soul? Classic Country? Old school Punk? Contemporary Alt-Rock? What if I told you a band could incorporate all those elements into one comprehensive sound?

An Interview with Bri Bagwell

Some of the best and most authentic music you will ever hear tends to range toward the indie side of things, and Country music is no exception. As far as authentic, talented singer/songwriters go, it doesn’t get much better than Bri Bagwell.

An Interview with Will Kimbrough

Will Kimbrough has been anything but lazy during the pandemic. When COVID-19 sent him home in the spring of 2020, Will was not defeated. He did not sit back and feel for sorry for himself. What he did do was make what perhaps amounts to his best album yet, Spring Break.

An Interview with Jerry Douglas

When you think of guitar, which artists do you think of? I suppose it’s all a matter of opinion, really. That said, Jerry Douglas is one of the top players out there today, and has been for 40 some odd years.

An Interview with Sunny Sweeney

Country music darling, Sunny Sweeny, has managed to stay pretty busy during “COVID times,” having released a live album this past fall and has been in the studio since August working on her new record.

An Interview with Tiffany Ashton

There is a new crop of wonderfully talented and charismatic young stars within Country music. Tiffany Ashton, is one of those young stars. Still early in her career, Tiffany is already well decorated, having won multiple awards and is even a Grammy voter.

An Interview with Chris Knight

Some of us have artists that are particularly special to us. For one reason or another, their words resonate, and sometimes their music will define or even soundtrack entire portions of our lives. For better or worse, certain places and memories will always be tied to their music, and for me, one of those songwriters is Chris Knight.

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