A Light In The Darkness: Reviewing Mark Stein’s “Let’s Pray for Peace”

All images courtesy of Chipster PR

Mark Stein’s talent and expertise behind the keys and the microphone shine through in this new song and album, which are just in time for the holiday season.

Released through Deko Entertainment, “Let’s Pray for Peace” comes off of his latest creation There’s A Light. This powerful anthem is a prayer as well as a cry for help to bring unity through tough times such as war, social unrest, and bad habits.

Like many other artists affected by the current pandemic, Mark has used his time away from touring to undergo a solo project of his own, which showcases his mastery of the keys along with composing, singing, and songwriting.

The album settles in on the ongoing theme, hitting on sensitive topics which are currently surrounded by. At the end of the day, whether or not we are aware of them, Mark Stein is bringing to light issues that need to be brought up, talked about, and rectified through music, and a message of hope, peace, and togetherness.

Interested in learning more about Mark Stein’s new single? Check out the link below:

All images courtesy of Chipster PR

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