Moonraker’s The Forest: A Spiritual Journey Through the Valley of the Mind

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By Fábio Moniz

Image courtesy of Moonraker Bandcamp (official)

At this exact same moment, you are thinking.

You are part of a group of overthinkers who explore the complexities of the brain. As David Green, the drummer for Moonraker, says, “It’s a walk through your own head but it is also a walk through a forest.”

Indeed, our heads are forests themselves.

They are the natural habitat of thoughts, but there has to be balance. The album is not supposed to throw us off balance, nor is it supposed to give us balance, but to be aware of the unbalance in our brains. It exists, and as a first step to solving any problem, one needs to be aware of it.

The forest vs. the city.

The city is a maze through which we have to find a way to survive. “Never gonna give me the key,” Moonraker says. Nothing is given for free. Nothing comes without effort. But knowing that, “The city keeps a spare under the mat” is a drop of hope from which Moonraker tell their fans they can drink. We have to know our own forests in-depth, so we can move around the city, a forest built by men, without falling under the weight of our daily lives worries.

A long way to go.

A long-distance journey to clean our brain from the inside out, so some clarity is able to come in. It will enable us to find the answers we seek without falling into an infinity of thoughts. The only loop you would accept would be the album The Forest playing again and again.


When you access your memory, sometimes it can give you a frustrating sensation, because your memory can manipulate what really happened. Much of that frustration can be felt through the instrumentation of Moonraker, where the solid downbeats give the listener some ground, so there’s always a safe place where the listener can go back to, and start the adventure again, exploring the memories and telling them true or false. But how can one know which one is true and which one is false?

No answer is never enough.

Image courtesy of Moonraker Bandcamp (official)

Moonraker may not have all the answers, but they sure provide the listener with the tools to access their self. What to do with those tools is up to the listener. It will never be an easy ride when confronting the innermost issues of one’s brain. Our brain is our greatest enemy at the same time it is our greatest friend. The most challenging rival. One is always hesitant when it comes to fighting this rival. Defeat is almost certain.

The guitars speak our thoughts.

The power in the guitars’ sound speaks in our stead. They feel our need to scream our concerns away. With the ground the bass guitar and the drums provide, the guitars sing the melody that will drive us right onto the spot where we will meet face-to-face with our thoughts.

You can hear that they have some of the other greatest bands influencing their sound, such as Rise Against. The strong and to-the-point kind of sound is heavy and assertive. And yet it gives a lot of space for thought. More thinking? The best way to face your rival is to know their weapons and skills.

Make sure to give Moonraker a go and let yourself be driven through a train of thought that is theirs and yours as well.

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