Stephen Piazza’s “The Edge” Proves to be a Hymn to the Fallen

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San Jose musician Stephen Piazza has served up a tribute in which he recalls, “The pillowcase that you used to lay your head on,” covered in tears.

In a nutshell, the song itself is heartbreaking.

As Piazza tells us, “I had found out firsthand” how it is to have an unamendable broken heart. This is also the feeling the tracks piano introduction evokes, as delicate chords cascade as “The Edge” begins its heavy dance. The listener feels the heaviness of loss as if they themselves were the ones losing a loved one – a great demonstration of shared experience.

Float towards emptiness.

Although the rhythm section, solid as it is, fills the atmosphere and provides great balance to the song, Piazza’s voice tells us of how sad it is when, “I still think I hear your voice down the hall,” he turns around just to see if the man is there. Alas – there is no way to bring the deceased back to life. Instead, we are only with the possibility to mourn what’s gone, “I’ve been pickin’ a flower in the morning since you’ve been gone.”

Worth living for.

In “The Edge,” Piazza sings that it seems like it’s not worth living anymore, but it is. And that is what we get from Piazza’s voice. It is worth going onward if only to listen to his singing, again and again, reminding us that loss is a constant in our lives, but there is always something that is left for us to hang onto from those who depart.

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