Reviewing MARLEE’s Hypnotic New Single, “Tru Luv”

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If you’ve been searching for some R&B with Hip-Hop to soundtrack your next date night, look no further — New Jersey-based artist, MARLEE, has delivered a fresh new track in the form of “Tru Luv,” which is sure to satiate your appetite.

In a day and age where R&B has tended to be more cookie-cutter than ever, it’s refreshing to see up and coming artists such as MARLEE manage to single handily push the genre forward, while still harkening back to its storied past. It’s a rare feat that any artist, let alone a new artist, can manage to satisfy fans of both Barry White, Fela Kuti, and Nas, all in one two-minute, and eighteen-second track.

A rare feat? You bet. Has MARLEE managed to pull it off? Undoubtedly.

Digging into the track, MARLEE lays himself bare and chronicles what appears to be a personal love story, perhaps based on his own journey. As the listener moves through “Tru Luv,” they will find deep, lush production, which steadily flows, pulsing along via the hook enchanted bass beats, which no lover of Hip-Hip or R&B could ever deny, or attempt to ignore.

Oftentimes, modern-day MCs rush their delivery, and forsake the age-old craft of developing a singular “flow” — this is not a malady MARLEE suffers from. MARLEE’s flow is polished and effortless, and his lyrical prowess is elevated to a level exceeding that of the norm.

As is the case with some of his previous tracks, “Loyal,” “Work It Out,” “GoGo Girl,” and “Full Moon,” with “Tru Luv,” MARLEE has once again found a way to not only showcase his considerable talent but also deeply connect with his listeners on a personal level.

We all should look forward to what MARLEE has in store for us next. It’s not often that a generational talent comes upon us, but in MARLEE, we seem to have found the next great MC, whose inventive take on Afro-infused Hip-Hop and R&B will always leave his listeners craving more.

“Tru Luv” proves once and for all that MARLEE is here to stay. If you’re looking for run-of-the-mill Pop, keep moving.

Connect with MARLEE via Instagram here, and via United Masters here.

Interested in digging deeper in the sultry world of MARLEE? Check out his new single, “Tru Luv, below:

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