Unmasking Bias Within The Cultural Zeitgeist: Tarah Who?s & YUR MUM’s Upcoming Single, “Push Me”

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The music of Tarah Who? has always carried a certain sensitivity, coupled with a latent emotional intensity, that harkens back to the era of Indie Girl Gods, such as Courtney Love, Kim Gorden, and Tanya Donnelly.

Tarah Carpenter, paired with drummer, Coralie Hervé, perpetually tap into the raw nerve poetry that has come to define the world we live in today. The delicate, cultured nature of Carpenter’s lyrics ride shotgun alongside impassioned vocals reminiscent of the forgone Alt-Grunge scene of yesteryear. In short, the music of Tarah Who? is a snapshot of the past being propelled forward into an unknown future at breakneck speed.

The duo’s forthcoming single, “Push Me,” which they’ve penned with YUR MUM, is another example of the group’s neverending quest to remind the world that women in music do in fact carry heavyweight. Set to release on December 17, the track is a not so gentle reminder that women are perpetually overlooked within the industry, and if Tarah Who? has their way, this in-your-face track will be the kick to the gut that we all have been waiting for.

No one will ever accuse Tarah Who? of being unoriginal, and while we may never see the day where Indie acts reach the same level of recognition as supposed Pop heavyweights, that won’t ever stop Tarah Carpenter and Coralie Hervé from bellowing their guttural messages from the rooftops for all that are willing to listen.

If Tarah Who? and YUR MUM are a pair of lit matches, then “Push Me” is a can of gasoline simply biding its time, looking for its official invitation to explosively enter the stratosphere. The track services as official notice that both Tarah Who? and YUR MUM are on a mission to push the message that independent artists are meaningful in the industry in the same way that larger artists are.

The message has officially been received, and for both groups, the journey is only beginning.

Connect with Tarah Who? via the following links:

Webpage: https://tarahwho.com/
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/tarahwho
Linktree: https://linktr.ee/tarahwho

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