Summer Vibes Take The Form Of Pop Mastery: Reviewing Gigi Vega’s Single, “Down Crazy”

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For talented artists such as Gigi Vega, it’s only a matter of time before the world takes notice. After putting in the work since the age of twelve, it seems that for Gigi, the time is now.

With her single, “Down Crazy,” Gigi has brought the party in the form of 90s styled Pop mastery. With a voice that seems to have been sprinkled down from the heavens above juxtaposed on top of timeless production values that would bring the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé to their knees, it’s easy to see why Gigi Vega’s following is steadily growing in tsunami-like waves by the day.

After debuting in 2020, with her holiday-themed track, “Mistletoe Kiss,” which quickly went viral with over ten million views, and fifteen thousand videos on the ever-poignant, Tik-Tok, Gigi is now fully ready to storm the Billboard Charts with the soon-to-be beach party staple, “Down Crazy.”

It seems that when it comes to Gigi Vega, the world officially need be on notice, as “Down Crazy” has garnered the number three spot on iTunes, the number nineteen spot on the Billboard Charts, and the music video for “Down Crazy” has over five million views via YouTube to date.

If you’ve been sleeping on Gigi Vega, this is your official wake-up call. We can expect her smiling face to be gracing TV screens (she’s an outstanding actress too), and her sugary-sweet voice to be caressing our eardrums for years to come.

The world of Pop music is the proverbial wild-west, but if the performance of “Down Crazy” is any indication, Gigi Vega is more than ready to stake her claim.

Connect with Gigi Vega via her professional Instagram here, and her personal Instagram here.

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