Traversing The Distance Inward: Analyzing in\error’s Debut EP, Death By Design

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If you’re looking to scour the depths of your proverbial landscape through the means of passionate lyrics, dynamic instrumentation, and sonically powerful vocals, search no further, in\error has something to satiate your appetite in the latest EP, Death By Design.

Opening the EP, we find the ever-talented Jesse McGivney and company in fine form, as they summon subtle Linkin Park and NIN vibes with “Give It Up.” The song puts the listener on notice of what’s to come — a roller coaster of Alt/Industrial Metal intensity.

As the listener moves forward through the next track, “Leave,” careening into the standout, “Caving,” this much is clear, in\error is a band with something to say, and are fully intent of scouring their emotional depths through a raw, unbridled passion for getting the message out.

Jesse McGivney is laying himself bare with lyrics such as, “When you ask me if I’m okay, well if I could then I would fade away, I’m trying hard to maintain, but it always stays the same.” For anyone subject to the human condition, McGivney’s lyrics are altogether relatable, and the EP becomes that much more endearing for the listener.

Digging deeper into tracks such as, “Spiraling,” “Pretend,” “Death By Design,” and the albums showstopping closer, “Caving – Reconceptualized,” we are treated to in\error’s signature moody, dark, and pleasantly pervasive vibe, which is barbarically chained to McGivney’s bombastic wordsmith. Simply put, if you’re a fan of Metal, Industrial, and Metalcore — Death By Design is for you.

Jesse McGivney is joined by equally-talented artists Dawson Llewellyn, Neil Finch, and Jake Pannell. Also featured are Ben Hoagland from Extortionist and Joseph Vallez from Bloodline, who provide further depth, and musical voracity to the EP.

So, if you’re looking to touch on the emotional side of Metal and Hardcore, Death By Design is a wonderful place to start. It further serves to showcase in\error as a young band on the verge of burgeoning greatness and acts as a harbinger of things to come. If you’re new to the band, now is the time to get in on the ground floor; as soon enough, in\error will be soaring to heights previously unknown.

If in\error is a band with a message…consider it message received.

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