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Traversing The Distance Inward: Analyzing in\error’s Debut EP, Death By Design

Death By Design further serves to showcase in/error as a young band on the verge of burgeoning greatness and acts as a harbinger of things to come for in/error. If you’re new to the band, now is the time to get in on the ground floor, as soon enough, in/error will be soaring to heights previously unknown.

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An Interview with Page Hamilton of Helmet

Today, I’ve got Page Hamilton, the leader and founder of the highly influential Alternative Metal band Helmet. A band who has spent the last several decades forging a path that is entirely their own and truly singular to their sonic vision.

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Horse Rotorvator: Darkness and Death As Art

Death is a fact of life, and acknowledging it and facing it head-on as this album does, albeit harsh at times, also shows the fragility and fleetingness of our time on this planet. It may seem desolate, but it also shows that there’s so much to live for. You just have to find the light that will always be there, shining within the darkness.

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