Images of Eden’s Weathered and Torn Shows Progression Through Aggression

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By Trevor ‘Krash’ Knight

Welcome back to another Krash Kourse review. After the well-received and highly regarded 2021 album Angel Born, many wondered what would come next for Images of Eden. And after a successful tour with Yngwie Malmsteen in the US, Gordon Tittsworth and the boys were quickly putting together their next release, 2022’s EP, Weathered and Torn

With regard to this EP, the lineup stayed the same besides Victor Morell leaving on guitars and Carlos Urquidi Perez coming in again – Carlos was on guitars for 2019s Soulrise. Of course, we still have Gordon Tittsworth on vocals, and he handles the bulk of the songwriting, too. Rounding out the lineup, we’ve got Steve Dorssom on drums, Eric Mulvine on bass, and L Dean Harris on piano and keyboards.

First things first, Images of Eden has not lost any fire or heaviness after having success with their previous album; if anything, they have taken another step forward. The best way to describe this EP is majestic, powerful, and heavy, which we know Images of Eden excels at, especially from their previous two releases. We have a mixture of sounds here: for fans of power metal, progressive and traditional metal, Weathered and Torn needs to be on your radar.

So, we’ll jump right in; the opening track is the first single off the EP  “Count to Zero.” It’s fast and heavy right out of the gate, driving home a point with motivational lyrics about following your dream today! Carlos Urquidi Perez shows right away what he can do with his solo, and Gordon Tittsworth hits a high yell in the later chorus of the song.

The second track is called “Survivors Guilt,” and Steve Dorssom’s drumming immediately stands out through thundering and consistent beats. This track also has a friendly sing-along type of chorus, and while I enjoy this song within the context of the EP, it may be my least favorite song here.

The third song, “Weathered and Torn,” comes out heavy as all hell with some immense drumming and a quick solo. And if that isn’t enough, Tittsworth brings a grittiness to his voice and backing vocals on the verses but comes back to more of what we’re used to from him in the chorus, which is a nice change of pace. We also get L Dean Harris showing us some speed during some portions of the track. With this track, the band is undoubtedly out to kick some ass and take some names!

All images courtesy of Dorssom Entertainment

The fourth track is called “Coexistence,” and this is one where I was immediately drawn to the slower breakdowns. The track has a fantastic vibe, with some gritty vocals yelling, “We cannot co-exist!” While portions of the song are slower, this is still a faster to medium-tempo tune.

Now we come to the final song on song Weathered and Torn, “The Dead Me,” which also happens to be my favorite from this release. Probably the slowest of the bunch and indeed the most heartfelt song, it cruises along at a medium tempo. The track reminds me of  “Once We Believed” from 2019’s Soulrise and “Serenity Reign” from 2021’s Angel Born, and I see it as almost a continuation of those in a way.

What I like about the slower to medium-tempo pieces is that they seem to work well for Tittsworth’s range. I enjoy that he gets to expand his vocals and show off what he can do. It also gives variety to the songs and breaks up the heaviness of the EP.

So there you have it; Weathered and Torn proves that Images of Eden still has something to say. even after five albums, they haven’t gone stale, and this latest EP is worth picking up if you’re a fan of the progressive, power, and traditional metal style. With a little bit of a Bruce Dickinson vocal style, good guitar solos, epic bass and drums duo, and sweet, to-the-point keyboards, this one is a must-listen.

I give Weathered and Torn an easy 4 out of 5 stars rating, and I recommend listening. All of us gardeners are ready and waiting for the next release, which will hopefully be full-length! Image of Eden has recently finished up a US tour with guitar hero Michael Schenker and vocalist Eric Martin, so they’re laying low for now. You can check out the latest via their website here for tour dates and news updates.

All images courtesy of Dorssom Entertainment

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