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Favorite Albums of the Year, 2021 Edition

For this list, these are my personal preferences on releases this year. They won’t always necessarily be the best, but they are the ones that stuck with me or impressed me. Basically, what I wound up listening to the most. 2021 was quite a great year for music for me personally, and for the first time in quite a while made narrowing down a list rather difficult. After some internal debate, this is what I finally narrowed them all down to.

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An Interview with John “Eddie’ Edwards of The Vibrators

When the Punk explosion happened in the late 70s, a million bands came out of the woodwork. Only some of those bands created a legitimate impact on the scene. Out of those bands, only some created genre-defining albums that helped set the pace for the era.

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An Interview with Mark Knight of Bang Tango & Mark Knight & The Unsung Heroes

Knight, primarily renowned for his multifaceted guitar playing in the Bang Tango days, has spent nearly three decades honing his craft as a singer, songwriter, and producer as well, demonstrating his innate versatility through nine studio albums and a variety of projects including Worry Beads, Gravy, and most recently, Mark Knight and the Unsung Heroes.

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