The Most Popular Betting Scenes in Music Videos

Music has always acted as a mirror to the times, reflecting onto life’s greatest passions, from love to relationships – and, of course, betting! From folk fanatics to pop aficionados and hip-hop hustlers, there’s an anthem for all betting tastes out there – and we’ve collected the top seven tracks with an unrivaled air of style and substance.

Music: The Supreme Mystery

Have you ever wondered why people enjoy music? Whether it’s drumming one’s fingers on any available surface or moving to some inner tune, music seems an innate part of the human experience.

Not Your Typical Look at Record Store Day

Record Store Day (RSD) can be a polarizing topic in the vinyl community. From high prices to questionable releases and the dreaded “flippers” who buy up popular titles to resell (often with eBay listings up before RSD has taken place). I have some beef with RSD, but I am still glad it exists.

Firin’ Up the BBQ with BBQ Pitmaster Jeff ‘STRETCH’ Rumaner: An Interview

There are many words that can describe Jeffrey Rumaner, A.K.A. “Stretch” and “eccentric” is just one of them.

Kathryn Leigh Scott Re-releases Ben Martin’s 1978 “Marcel Marceau: Master of Mime”

This year we celebrate legendary actor and mime Marcel Marceau’s 100th birthday and at the forefront of this celebration we have Kathryn Leigh Scott of the hugely popular day time soap Dark Shadows fame, Kathryn’s late husband and Time/Life photojournalist Ben Martin and Marcel’s widow, Anne Sicco.

Reviewing Malice in Eden’s Doomy Debut

Welcome to another Krash Kourse review. This week, we will discuss Malice in Eden’s self-titled debut EP, released in 2022.

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