A Journey of 1,000 Years: Mushroomhead’s Former Vocalist Reinvents Himself as ‘Jeffrey Nothing’

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By Kimmarie Erickson

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus wrote, “The only constant in life is change.” I don’t know about you, but change can be downright scary sometimes.

For instance, in the world of heavy metal music, a musician that leaves a well-established band and becomes catastrophically more successful seems to only exist in urban legends. This is almost always the outcome, except in the case of ex-Mushroomhead vocalist Jeffrey Nothing, aka Jeffrey Hatrix/Jeffrey Hetric.

Hatrix unceremoniously left Mushroomhead in 2018 with little explanation of why at the time. The Mushroomhead camp was quick to start slinging mud, trying to beat Hatrix down in the media, insinuating he had no talent and his music career was over. Hatrix held his tongue and began his astonishing metamorphosis, coming out on the other side of Mushroomhead stronger, brighter, and once again whole.

All images courtesy of Getty Images/Wiki Commons

Moreover, Hatrix seemed to shrug off the shackles of decay that became his life in Mushroomhead and began creating the most soulful, insightful, brutally raw music of his career. Hatrix then assembled a dream team of musicians to help make the music of Jeffrey Nothing, and in late October 2022, the band released their latest single, “1,000 Years.”

According to Hatrix, “The song was inspired by current world conflicts and the futility of war. It’s dedicated to SAVE22Veterans, a nonprofit fighting to prevent veteran suicides.” A spellbinding affair, “1,000 Years” is the tenth song released by Jeffrey Nothing since his departure from Mushroomhead in 2018, with each new release more captivating than the last. I, for one, am as thankful as a skullgurl can be that Jeffry Nothing embraced the unknown of his future without the tyranny and soul-crushing of Mushroomhead.

If you have not invited the music of Jeffrey Nothing into your life yet, stop what you are doing and start clickity clicking on the handy dandy links I have provided below. Just one more thing and this is really important: always remember to be kind, smile, and, as always, Be the Metal.

Jeffrey Nothing Webpage

Jeffrey Nothing Facebook Official

Jeffrey Nothing Instagram Official

Jeffrey Nothing YouTube Official

All images courtesy of Getty Images/Wiki Commons

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