About Us

Andrew Daly

Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Veteran music journalist Andrew Daly is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of VWMusic. In addition, Andrew is a Contributing Editor with Copper Magazine and bylines with Guitar World, Guitar.com, Goldmine Magazine, and Ultimate Guitar. Andrew is proud of having shined a light on the darkest corners of music history and having interviewed the likes of Joe Perry, Dave Mustaine, Stone Gossard, Paul Stanley, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Bruce Kulick, Tommy Thayer, and many more. While his instrument of choice may be the drums, Andrew is a lover of all things guitar. Some of his favorite bands are KISS, Megadeth, Oasis, Spread Eagle, and Starz.

Andrew DiCecco

Senior Editor

A multifaceted journalist with bylines across the music and sports spectrum, Andrew DiCecco is the senior editor for VWMusic. Andrew also covers the Eagles, NFL, and NFL Draft for InsideTheBirds.com, writing and editing stories as well as providing features, fantasy football columns, college football analysis, and All-22 breakdowns. He also appears weekly on 97.3 ESPN’s “Football at Four” segment as an Eagles analyst and has shared his insights on various airwaves across the country, including SiriusXM. Using his unique journalistic perspective, Andrew has interviewed a wide range of musical icons and contributed to the documentation of music history.

Joe O’Brien

Senior Columnist

Joe O’Brien is an ER Nurse by day and a multidimensional music journalist by night. Joe got his start in a freelance capacity for Vinyl Junkies before joining VWMusic at its inception in 2019, eventually being named its Senior Columnist. A consumer of music since a young age, Joe enjoys sharing his unique perspective through a variety of editorials, reviews, and self-reflective pieces. Through his interviews, Joe assists fellow music lovers in uncovering material that lies beneath, with dynamic personalities from all corners of the music world. Interviews Joe has conducted include Ian Anderson, Biff Byford, Daru Jones, and many more. Believing variety is the spice of life, Joe enjoys reggae, metal, vaporwave, and everything in between. Some of Joe’s favorites include Bob Marley, John Darnielle, Robert Smith, Laura Jane Grace, and Fela Kuti.

Christine Naprava


Christine Naprava is a poet, writer, music enthusiast, and columnist for VWMusic. Christine believes that a strong soundtrack is essential to the writing process. Very rarely does she write in silence. You can almost always find her listening to her records or vast digital library while writing. In addition to seeking inspiration from music, Christine often incorporates songs or references to bands or musical artists in her writing to help further the authenticity and set the mood of her work.

Dylan Peggin


Dylan Peggin is a columnist for VWMusic, as well as the founder of popular vinyl-centric YouTube channel The Record Spinner. A lover of vinyl, Dylan started his collecting journey in 2014, partly inspired by musician Jack White and his label, Third Man Records. What started out as a casual hobby turned into an issue when Dylan realized he could not expand his ceiling to make way for his ever-growing vinyl collection.

Rosie Luck

Columnist & Publicist

Rosie Luck joins the team as both a publicist and columnist, with strong ties in the music industry. Her name and face may be familiar; she’s well known for events like Creatures Fest, KISS Cancer Goodbye, Take 5 Podcast, and working alongside various bands. Most of all, Rosie is a fixture in the KISS Kommunity and fandom. Rosie has her hands full at home with three littles, plus a menagerie of pets, including cats, dogs, lizards, bunnies, and 7 aquariums.

Kimmarie Erickson


Kimmarie Erickson began her journey as a music journalist at the tender age of sixteen after being told she would never be a writer due to her dyslexia. Everything changed when Kimmarie fell into a gig doing reviews of upcoming releases for Geffen Records, and her fate was sealed. Presently, Kimmarie is a columnist for VWMusic, and music continues to be the driving force, the heart, soul, and core of everything she loves most.

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