About Us

Andrew Daly

Founder & Editor-in-Chief

With an immense passion for music, a disposition for writing, and an eagerness to teach and share both, Andrew decided to found VWMusic in 2019 as a freelance column under the column Idle Chatter.

Over time, the column grew into a website that now features contributors who further the cause of sharing both a love of music and the art of journalism with the world through articles and interviews.

While Andrew enjoys running the website, his real passion lies in teaching and facilitating others to do what they do best, and giving them the opportunity to explore their passions in the process.

Some of Andrew’s favorite artists include KISS, Oasis, ACϟDC, Elvis Presley, Ace Frehley, The Rolling Stones, Rush, The Pretenders, Led Zeppelin, The Gaslight Anthem, Iron Maiden, John Lennon, The Melvins, Noel Gallagher, Regina Spektor, Rory Gallagher, The Stone Roses, The Strokes, Thin Lizzy, Elvis Costello, Van Halen, Neil Young, Blur, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, and many more.

Joe O’Brien

Associate Editor

Joe has always been a huge music fan. Growing up, Joe did chores and dumpster dove for bottles with his best friend Andrew to trade bottles for money to buy vinyl.

Joe is a Registered Nurse in the ER by day and a life-long music lover by night. Having been an avid consumer of all things music since he was a child, Joe’s diverse collection of over 3,500 albums tells the story of a man who simply loves music.

Joe’s goal is to write about what he is most passionate about and share new and exciting music. Joe lives on Long Island, NY with his beloved dog Scarlett.

Andrew DiCecco

Senior Columnist

Predominantly known for his NFL coverage, Andrew DiCecco is a Pennsylvania-based journalist with a profound passion for Rock music and its illustrious history.

What initially began as a childhood hobby collecting CDs eventually evolved into a full-blown absorption into the world of Rock and Roll. An aspiring rock historian, Andrew seeks out every autobiography and documentary on Rock artists imaginable to further his knowledge to go along with a growing collection of vintage albums and magazines.

Andrew’s musical preferences include, but are not limited to, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, Van Halen, ACϟDC, Guns N Roses, KISS, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, and Ozzy Osbourne. An innate appreciation for guitar heroes, Andrew cites Vito Bratta, Eddie Van Halen, John Sykes, Dave Meniketti, George Lynch, Vinnie Vincent, Dave Mustaine, and Bill Leverty as some of his personal favorite players.

Andrew is also a regular listener to SIRIUSXM’s Trunk Nation with Eddie Trunk, his primary inspiration for pursuing a career in the industry.

Anthony Montalbano


Anthony Montalbano grew up in both New York and North Carolina. Anthony is a baker by day and a contributor to the VWMusic cause by night, and he truly brings a unique, and fresh perspective to everything that he does.

In addition to handling the VWMusic social media accounts, Anthony’s column, A.M. Radio, is a catch-all for the things he loves most — podcasts, Pop Punk, video games, and more.

Some of Anthony’s favorite artists are Rise Against, Taking Back Sunday, My Chemical Romance, The Story So Far, Green Day, Sum 41, Fall Out Boy, and more.

John Siden


John Siden grew up surrounded by music from a young age. There was always music playing around the house or while driving in the car, mostly Country and Western on all forms, including vinyl, 8-track, and cassette.

John’s first personal interest in music was piqued when he saw an ad for The Monkees TV show, featuring reruns. Collecting records soon became his main hobby. John’s interest in writing has been around for as long as Internet access has been a thing.

Since 2019, John has had a YouTube channel called Surface Noise where he discusses music mostly focused on vinyl. John works in the security industry, is an avid reader and lover of film. He also plays guitar and sometimes accordion.

Andrew Earle


Andrew Earle is a one-man rhythm section. Having spent the better part of the last thirty-plus years Playing Bass (and drums) touring in Canada (Ontario, Quebec, and the East Coast) as well as the eastern USA.

Andrew is reassuming his old pen name from the late 80s/early 90s of his old Punk/Metal Fanzine. I’m sure you’ll enjoy his perspectives on whatever comes to his mind the day he’s due to publish an article. At roughly 4,000 albums (vinyl, cassettes & CDs combined), he is more than a one-trick pony.

Some of Andrew’s favorite artists include Limblifter, Frank Zappa, Iron Maiden, Samhain, Van Halen, Which Witch Is Which, Clutch, NOMEANSNO, and many more.

Erin O’Dell


Erin O’Dell lives in Red Lion, PA with her boyfriend, five cats, a snake, and a lot of ridiculously cringe-worthy jokes.

She is an ethics, history, and philosophy of world religion studies major. She may or may not also be a mermaid. She enjoys video games, vinyl, macaroni & cheese, reading, Bollywood films, bowling, and outer space.

Her favorite music genres include Symphonic Rock, Heavy Metal, Indie, and Soundtracks. Her favorite bands are Counting Crows and In This Moment.

Dylan Peggin


Dylan Peggin was born and raised in Vineland, NJ. Music has always played a huge part in his life, thanks to his parents who brought him up on bands such as Rush, Genesis, and Yes. At the young age of two, he became a member of the KISS Army and has never looked back.

Dylan started his vinyl collecting journey in 2014, partly inspired by musician Jack White and his label, Third Man Records. What started out as a casual hobby turned into an issue when Dylan realized he could not expand his ceiling to make way for his ever-growing vinyl collection.

On January 1st, 2018, Dylan started The Record Spinner, a YouTube channel about vinyl collecting and music. Videos are uploaded every Friday based on a myriad of topics such as mastering engineers, pressing plants, and best-sounding pressings. Other content is featured, as well, such as artist analysis videos, monthly vinyl hauls, record store vlogs, unboxings, interviews with musicians, and much more.

Keith Kowall


In every music group, there’s that one guy you can always count on to post some amazing, obscure music that you didn’t even know you needed. Keith is that guy.

As an avid music fan and DJ, Keith has existed in music communities and immersed himself in music for as long as he can remember. His expansive collection of thousands of albums spans all possible genres.

When he’s not busy curating his own collection, Keith takes his time stocking his booth in the Antique Mall of American on Las Vegas Blvd full of awesome vinyl and collectibles. Keith lives in Nevada with his wife.

Justin Loretangeli


Justin Loretangeli has always been more than a casual music fan, even if he didn’t realize it early on. He was always the kid that read through each word of the CD booklet, eager to learn more about who was writing and playing the songs he loved.

As time went on, he found his way into the industry at just sixteen years old, joining FnA Records as an A&R member, working with the label to sign some of the best underrated and under-appreciated 80s Hard Rock bands.

Five years ago, he expanded his musical palette by starting Pro Country, a website where he has conducted interviews with nearly 400 traditional Country music artists, and seen his love for digging deep into music grow exponentially.

He lists artists like Skid Row, Babylon AD, White Lion, Rough Cutt, Slaughter, Great White, Alan Jackson, Keith Whitley, George Jones, Ricky Van Shelton, Randy Travis, and Mark Chesnutt as his favorites, as he continues to search for, and discover new music to dig deep into.

Fábio Moniz


Born and raised in Portugal, with an ever-growing love for knowledge, and an ever-increasing interest in teaching, Fábio teaches Creative Writing at the Senior Academy (Sintra), and music as a freelancer, and is presently working as a tutor.

Music has been introduced late in Fábio’s life, but he found his way into playing the bass guitar, and had a few projects in Rock music, in Portugal. Fábio also has studied Jazz music at Hot Clube Portugal, going through various subgenres as, for instance, Blues, Bebop, Hard Bop, Bossa Nova, and others.

A wide range of artists may be included in his favorites list, such as Avenged Sevenfold, The Who, Rush, FUNKIST, Maximum The Hormone, Yes, The Racounters, Nonpoint, Rage Against the Machine, System Of A Down, Rise Against, Bruce Springsteen, Fruit Bats, and more.

Matthew Crabtree


Originally from Kansas, now living in North Carolina, “during his day job,” Matthew bakes third shift. When he’s not working, Matthew can usually be found spending time with his beautiful Girlfriend, and their son, listening to music, or playing some kind of game — usually at the same time.

Matthew’s tastes in music vary widely, but he tends to always come back to Metal of all kinds (though admittedly mostly Heavy, Death, or Technical Death Metal).

You can also catch Matthew getting down to some soundtracks and classical! At the end of the day, Matthew is really just a dude. The dude abides.

Agyo Michael


Agyo Michael resides in F.C.T Abuja, Nigeria, and is currently pursuing a degree BSC in Mechatronics Engineering at the Federal University of Minna.

From an early age, Agyo has always had a deep love for literature, writing, history partly due to his mother’s influence.

Before joining VWMusic, Agyo has been involved in local writing essay competitions and folk lure events. Agyo believes that music speaks the state of mind of a person, and he uses it to convey his emotions to others, and even himself when words can’t suffice.

Agyo’s goal is to fine-tune his writing skills to captivate, and imprint emotions to his audience.

Layne Partin


Layne Partin was exposed to music and literature from an early age, and continues to be an avid reader and writer of poetry, and has written two novels (neither yet published), and working on a few more.

His musical interests cover a variety of genres, from Americana to Classic Country, almost all Rock ‘N Roll, especially from the seventies and eighties, Classical and Gospel.

He grew up in Kentucky, spent most of his adulthood in Florida, and now resides in rural Kentucky with his wife, nine dogs, one cat, and two potbelly pigs.

Semi-retired, he continues to work part-time in property management.

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