An Interview with Mark Dover of Imani Winds & Port Mande

Some people have a one-dimensional way of looking at music and how instrumentation is used. Some seek to dismantle this way of thinking. Accomplished musician Mark Dover is one such dismantler.
His work in countless genres with countless groups has shown how he has tried to challenge the way we look at music and his instrument, the clarinet.

An Interview with Paul Collins of The Nerves & The Beat

Several artists have had a substantial effect on music, yet many of us wouldn’t realize it. Unfortunately, superb musical content doesn’t always lead to commercial success and recognition from the general public. One such artist is Paul Collins.

X-Mas Playlist Remix: Five Change Of Pace Christmas Tracks To Stuff Your Stocking With

If you can’t listen to “Silent Night” one more time this season keep reading. Below we will examine five highly underrated and/or non-traditional tracks to enjoy while you slurp up your eggnog, rip open your presents and decorate your tree.

An Interview with John “Eddie’ Edwards of The Vibrators

When the Punk explosion happened in the late 70s, a million bands came out of the woodwork. Only some of those bands created a legitimate impact on the scene. Out of those bands, only some created genre-defining albums that helped set the pace for the era.

An Interview with Neville Staple of The Specials

One piece of this magical amalgam of Ska and punky New Wave goodness was singer Neville Staple. Neville has been keeping the spirit and nature of Ska, Rocksteady, and 2 Tone alive through his dynamite solo career.

An Interview with Keith Rankin of Orange Milk Records

Keith has run Orange Milk for over a decade with his good friend Seth Graham. Orange Milk is known as one of the hardest working labels in the scene, putting out numerous releases every month in various formats. If you want to learn more about Orange Milk check out the interview below with Keith.

An Interview with Mick Box of Uriah Heep

What bands do you think of when the discussion of the British Hard Rock invasion of the 70s comes up? Zeppelin? Sabbath? Deep Purple? What you probably don’t hear enough of is Uriah Heep.

You Wanted The Best, You Got The Best…Underrated KISS Tracks

KISS has always been a polarizing band that people either loved or hated. Even if you are not the biggest fan, there is one message I want you to take away from this article: Go back to those seldom listen to tracks, by the artist you love, and give them a listen. You might discover a new favorite song and start making your personal “top lists.”

An Interview with Dan Pugach

We often forget how many hats people wear in the music industry. Dan Pugach is one such person. He is a composer, drummer, bandleader, arranger, his own tour manager, etc.

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