An Interview with Simon McBride of Deep Purple

For veteran guitarist Simon McBride, taking the stage with Deep Purple, one of the most explosive bands in rock history, is just another day at the office.

Simon McBride Officially Named Deep Purple’s Lead Guitarist

For fans of stalwart London legends Deep Purple who might have been worrying that they’d never hear the sweet sounds of “Smoke on the Water” echoing across arenas worldwide again, fear not; your newest guitarist is here.

An Interview with Ian Gillan of Deep Purple

After spending the better part of the last fifty years traveling the world, frontman Ian Gillan has settled in as an elder statesman of rock and is comfortable in his own skin.

An Interview with Don Airey of Deep Purple

On the surface, or to the untrained ear, Deep Purple could get lost in the shuffle of other 70’s Rock music, but there is one key component to their sound that truly sets them apart- the Hammond organ. Originally, the keys were handled by one Jon Lord, but after his departure in 2002, the amazing Don Airey has been manning them ever since, and he hasn’t missed a single beat.

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