The State of the Heavy Metal Union

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By Kimmarie Erickson

I am Skullgurl Metalchcick.

A not so wise man recently stated to me, “Heavy Metal music is dead. All the newer bands who say they play heavy metal are untalented schmucks.” Now, I am not sure if it was the look of hostility and contempt I shot at him or the fact I was growling that made him quickly recant. To set the record straight, metal music, no matter what sub-genre, is very much alive and kicking proverbial ass. Yes, you can quote me, my name is Skullgurl Metalchick, for cripes sake.

Speaking of heavy metal music, boy o boy do I have some great interviews coming down the pipeline! I just wrapped up one with Minnesota-based act, A Rising Force. This five-piece is a tasty hybrid of classic cock-rock, hair-metal, and in-your-face current heavy metal. They depart on tour with Tesla today, June 17. 

Full disclosure, one of my favorite things about being the Skullgurl is getting new music, and falling in love with new bands. For example, Pennsylvania border-line rock/metal band, Crobot. They are not new to the scene by any means, I interviewed them when they first started and have followed their journey. I will be getting the esteemed pleasure of catching up with Crobot and getting the scoop on their new album, Feel This

The next juicy nugget of fortified metal music goodness I will be slinging at ya involves the L.A.-based hard-core thrash-infused band, Matriarchs. These cats just played a show with Nonpoint at the iconic Whiskey a Go-Go, and should not be ignored.

Have you been paying attention so far? If not, the next sentence will surely grab your brain by the dingaling and demand 100% concentration. GWAR, yes you read it right, that says GWAR. Everybody’s favorite intergalactic metal miscreants are taking the world by storm with their new album, graphic novel, and documentary. I have been a GWARgurl my entire life, and you greedy minions will get to see some of my never before seen pictures and a behind-the-scenes story or two.

Before I wrap up this long-winded diatribe, I need to confess a dirty little secret, I love me some throw-back 80s glam metal. To prove this admission, it will be serving up some current what’s what on bands like Spread Eagle, Autograph, UFOPoison, well you get the point. If you are not picking up what I am putting down, just know that I solemnly swear I will never bore you with more Mötley Crüe gossip, you guys get enough of that I am sure.

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