An Interview with Bruce Kulick

The 80s and early 90s were a time of guitar god saturation, and perhaps you missed Bruce the first time around. I implore you to take a look back, and you will find that Bruce’s playing not only holds up, but it’s perhaps head and shoulders above many of his contemporaries. Simply put, a player, such a Bruce Kulick, will never go out of style, and his versatility will keep him at the forefront of the instrument for as long as he chooses.

An Interview with Bill Toms of Hard Rain

While it’s hard to put a finger on any one sound that defines “American music,” the compositions of Bill Toms are as close a template as any.

An Interview with Dennis Mikula of Geometric Lullaby

Geometric Lullaby is, for my money, one of the better labels in the Vaporwave game today. Sure, there are many labels out there doing what Dennis (the founder) does, but not many do it better. I firmly believe that Geometric Lullaby is a cut above in quality of product, customer service, and its active roster of artists.

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