An Interview with Drew Fortier of The Lucid

For Fortier, his path to the world’s biggest stage was not the same as most. While Fortier always loved the guitar, and cut his cops from a young age, it wasn’t until his work on the documentary, Attack On Life: The Bang Tango Movie, that Fortier took the next step toward rock and metal immortality.

KISS Live Albums Ranked

Love them or hate them, with Alive!, KISS created the live album as we know it, but they didn’t stop there. Over the course of the band’s nearly fifty-year history, KISS has consistently put out live music. Let’s dig into all of those albums, some of which may surprise you, and see how they stack up.

An Interview with Mark Tremalgia of Bang Tango & Little Caesar

Veteran guitarist Mark Tramalgia speaks on the potential of working with Bang Tango again: “I’m still great friends with Mark Knight and Tigg, but I haven’t talked to Joe and Kyle in years, and the door is always open to play with them.”

An Interview with Adam Albright of Dopesick

Recently, we caught up with vocalist and guitarist, Adam Albright, of LA-based band, Dopesick. Adam is the definition of Metal, and his music and creativity show it. His passion to make, create, and bring music to the people is what drives Adam to do what he does.

An Interview with Mark Lanegan of Screaming Trees & Queens Of The Stone Age

After what amounted to one of the most critically successful years of his long and established career, Mark not only released the sensational Straight Sons of Sorrow, but he also released the in-depth memoir Sing Backwards and Weep

An Interview with Johnny Dee of Britny Fox & Doro

Numerous drummers brought about rolling thunder in the 1980s, but few had the impact of Philly veteran, Johnny Dee.

An Interview with Joey Vera of Armored Saint & Fates Warning

oey Vera’s journey toward Heavy Metal immortality started as many others have, idolizing the likes of John Paul Jones, Geezer Butler, John Deacon, and of course, Paul McCartney. But if Joey’s journey shows us anything, it’s that it’s not where you start, not where you finish, but where you stop along the way.

An Interview with David “Clem” Clempson of Humble Pie & Colosseum

With his late ’58 Gibson Goldtop slung over his shoulder, Clem Clempson’s voice still reverberates through the annals of Rock history. Once forgotten, but now, waiting to be discovered by legions of new fans throughout new eras.

Portrait of An Enigma: Analyzing Vinnie Vincent’s Pre-KISS Output

Now, when it comes to Vinnie, he’s always been something of an enigmatic outlier, and his place in KISStory is no exception. Still, the two albums Vinnie Vincent was involved with a member of KISS, Creatures of the Night, and Lick it Up, were, and are some of the fiercest, heaviest, and consistent material that bad has ever put out to date.

An Interview with Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull

It is hard to mention the Prog Rock scene, which started in the late 60s to early 70s, without mentioning Jethro Tull. Not only is Jethro Tull an iconic genre-defining band, but they have an unmistakable sound. If a song of theirs graces your ears, it’s not long before you realize you’re listening to Tull. Behind it, after all these years is founder, primary songwriter, frontman, flutist, and multi-instrumentalist, Ian Anderson.

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