An Interview with David Ellefson of The Lucid and Formerly of Megadeth

Nestled in a hotbed that was the LA music scene, it wasn’t long before Ellefson struck a proverbial chord centered around meeting once discarded Metallica alum Dave Mustaine, and subsequently co-founding seminal thrash band, Megadeth. As a scene mainstay, Ellefson influenced both rock music and bass players alike with his work in and out of Megadeth.

An Interview with Record Producer Tom Werman (Part 1)

Over two decades have passed since Tom Werman last steered the helm of a recording session, but the renowned record producer – whose fingerprints are found on twenty-three gold and platinum records – has firmly cemented his legacy in music history for his deep-rooted contributions to rock music.

EVH Meets NFTs at House of Petals

As the world starts to emerge from its COVID cocoon and flourish back to life, there’s no better way to kick off this new era than by returning to summer LA events. The first of which was none other than the celebrity NFT kick-off party welcoming House of Petals into the metaverse.

The Ankh Warrior Rises: Vinnie Vincent Shreds at Creatures Fest

Vinnie Vincent has always been a man who, for better or worse, has operated on his own terms, and it stands to reason that he will continue to do so. As a fan, I am hopeful for what’s next – more hopeful than I ever have been to date. So now, we know Vincent can play, but what’s next? As a fan, I am hopeful, but as a critic, and journalist, I remain pragmatic, waiting to see if the other shoe will in fact drop.

An Interview with John Fannon of New England

Recently, I caught up with veteran six-stringer John Fannon of New England. Among other things, we touch on John’s origins in music, the formation, and evolution of New England, the recording of the band’s debut, working with Paul Stanley, touring with KISS, and a whole lot more.

Versatility Meets Virtuosity: Remembering Guitarist Bob Kulick

Bob Kulick was an outlier, a maverick, a renegade, and a true blue, dyed in the wool heavy metal master, whose fingers screamed up and down the fretboard with style, and pizzaz that few – if any – have able been able to do since.

An Interview with Betsy Weiss of Bitch

Beyond its firebreathing frontwomen, fans of Bitch will fondly recall Bitch as Metal Blade Records’ flagship band. In its heyday, Bitch found itself an upstart band, with a now legendary S&M-themed stage show, a show so flamboyant, and packed with such raging songs, that Bitch found themselves headlining some of the biggest clubs up and down the Sunset Strip.

An Interview with Timothy B. Schmit of The Eagles

As a key member of both Poco and The Eagles, Timothy B. Schmit has graced hallowed stages across the globe, and seen himself become an integral cog in both the country-rock and classic rock machines.

An Interview with Doug Ellison of SNOW

For every rock act that breaks the mold and achieves widespread success, there are countless others that remain mere footnotes in the annals of the genre’s illustrious history. Many of the rock soldier casualties ultimately took the road less traveled to become prominent with other bands, while others became disenfranchised and moved on to completely different endeavors. Doug Ellison, once the frontman for revered southern California rockers, SNOW, identifies as the latter.

An Interview with Steve Dawson of Geordie

Recently, we caught up with veteran guitarist, Steve Dawson, of the recently reformed glam rock outfit, Geordie. Among other things, we touch on how Geordie is kicking off 2022, Steve’s early years, his long and varied career in music, what’s next on the horizon for Geordie, and a whole lot more.

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